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Spinning Yarns with Crafty Storytellers June 2, 2009

yarn3Grand storytellers Jeffrey Rudell and Michaela Murphy will be telling crafty tales this Thursday, June 4, at The Lion Brand Studio in NYC @ 6:00.  This show will also feature first time storytellers who submitted their stories to the Lion Brand blog and it promises to be a fun evening.  Hope that you can all make it (the new studio is worth a visit all on its own.) Both of these folks are tremendously talented and entertaining and all around great people. Here is the link for reservations:
Please pass this invite on to anyone who likes a great yarn.


Three Candles Press 2009 First Book Award contest May 28, 2009

typewriter2Three Candles Press is pleased to announce the third Three Candles Press First Book Award for a best first book of poems. The contest will be judged by Alexander Long, whose books include Light Here, Light There; Vigil and A Condition of the Spirit.

Award: Winner receives $500.00 and 25 copies of the winning book. Deadline Oct. 15th (post-mark date). The winner will be notified at the end of December. Runners up and two alternates will be posted on the website by January 15th, 2010. The book will be available through Small Press Distribution, online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and at fine booksellers in America and Europe. The winner will receive a standard royalty contract.  For more info, go here.


Alan Ginsberg Reads “Howl” May 24, 2009


New short fiction online at March 8, 2009

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typewriterRead the latest on, short fiction from Maria ModrovichBRATISLAVA. You’ll find lots of great reads on this literary website. It’s marvelous way to stay in touch with new writers and writing. As said: “Anderbo stories are perfect for a quick coffee break in your cubicle.”


Southeast Review seeking submissions February 23, 2009

southeastreview(This just in from our friends at Southeast Review. Here’s your chance, poetry, short, short fiction and nonfiction writers!)

Do you folks realize that we’ve only had 60 entries in all of our contest categories COMBINED? That’s an average of a 1 in 20 chance of winning in any category! That is, of course, as of now. We’d love to see your poems, short short fiction, and nonfiction in this contest. Don’t you know “reality media” is the “in” thing right now? We have next to nothing in the nonfiction category. Giddeeup, writers! Send us your words! With an extended deadline of March 20th, you have a month’s worth of time to submit:

(FYI: There is a submission fee.)


Get Your DaDa on: Call for poetry submissions February 21, 2009

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threerooms1Call for Submissions: Maintenant 3 DaDa Poetry Journal

Be a part of the 2nd annual New York DaDa Poetry Salon Magazine, by submitting your DaDa-inspired poetry and/or art to Maintenant 3, inspired by DaDa instigator and Three Rooms Press spiritual advisor Arthur Craven.* We’re looking for short DaDa-inspired poetry for this crazy ‘zine or black and white art. The ‘zine will only be distributed at the DaDa Poetry Salon on March 20th, 2009 at Cornelia Street Cafe (6-8 p.m.), and via mail to contributors. No online distribution!! Hurray for print and things you hold in your hand! Interested? Please send an email with your favorite strangest work to: Recommend maximum of 24 lines due to space limits.

For more info:


New Exhibit: Understanding Poverty in Houston, TX September 5, 2008

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Pops goes to work.

Pops goes to work. (Photo By Ben Tecumseh DeSoto)

DiverseWorks Presents Understanding Poverty
Exhibition of the “broke and the broken,” with photography by Ben Tecumseh DeSoto,
curated by Clint Willour, and words by Ann Walton Sieber

Editor’s Note: Athena writer Ann Walton Sieber is the project editor for this exhibit on Houston’s homeless. Excerpted from a DiverseWorks press release:

Making our way to work in the everyday stress and hubbub of a Houston Monday morning, we drive up to one of downtown’s busy intersections and see a homeless man holding a plaintive sign. We don’t know his name, but we know him from other days at the same intersection, his disheveled appearance familiar as he ritualistically waits at the crossing every day, hoping someone will give him some money for food or who knows what. As we pull up to the light, our eyes meet. But we quickly break away from his gaze and fixate on the traffic light. Or perhaps we keep his gaze, wondering, what is his story? The light turns green; we cross the intersection, the man a reflection in our rearview mirror.

After many years of documenting life on the streets of Houston, photographer Ben Tecumseh DeSoto seeks to tell the stories of the homeless and working poor, the “broke and the broken,” with his exhibit Understanding Poverty, which will kick off DiverseWorks 08-09 season with an opening reception on Friday, Sept. 12, 2008. Exhibit closes Saturday October 25, 2008.

“The streets of Houston have been a regular “beat” I worked with my camera,” says DeSoto, “and I want others to see what I’ve seen, and understand what I’ve come to understand, the role of the trauma in magnifying the drama of poverty.” DeSoto’s documentary work on poverty and homelessness dates back to 1980 and deepened with the 1988 encounter with two homeless individuals, Ben White and Judy Pruitt.  While both were subjects of Houston Chronicle stories, DeSoto’s ongoing relationship with Ben and Judy allowed him to document their lives as they cycled in and out of the prison system, on and off the streets, through halfway houses, experiencing destitution, helplessness, desperation, hope, chaos, and starting all over again. The exhibition will include Ben and Judy’s stories, as well as a breadth of salon-style photographs interspersed with text drawn from interviews and the classics of “hard times” literature; college-style assemblages reflecting DeSoto’s populist “punk” aesthetic, one of his stylistic alter-egos; a light installation made from negatives (with artist Sarah Watley Ayers); and work-in-progress film shorts.

About Understanding Poverty Project
The Understanding Poverty is an ongoing collaboration of DeSoto with writer/editor Ann Walton Sieber in the role of project editor. Sieber’s contributions include field reporting, writing and conception of not only the exhibition text, but also the developing book and documentary film with DeSoto as first camera.  The project has become a joint effort and collaborators include DiverseWorks, the Houston Endowment, Que Imaging, and others including the photography subjects, while showcasing the efforts of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission to End Chronic Homelessness, and the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County, among others.  Everyone is involved to help the public understand the underlying causes of homelessness and poverty.  The “solutions” presented in the work may have implications for the nation’s housing, health, and economic issues facing the  society at large.

For more information, visit