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As the Puppy Cam Turns (On) December 15, 2008

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shibainuBelieve me when I tell you that the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam scene became a veritable media frenzy this weekend, with broadcast stories from NBC Nightly News, Today Show, CNN and more. Apparently, this is the most viewed page in Internet history, with view hours, much of it devoted to watching puppies sleep, adding up to 792 years and counting. All we can say is, “Awwwww…..”

P.S. Once a litter of six, we’ve been down to three for about a week and two more will be headed off to new homes at Christmas, so get your puppy fix while you can.


Last chance puppy cam December 4, 2008

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The puppies are leaving the litter this weekend, and I’ve been eyeing them wistfully. Come said ciao to the puppies.


Along the lines of what’ll they think of next: puppy-Cam November 21, 2008

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Lately, I’ve become addicted to puppy-cam. Someone somewhere had the brilliant idea of putting their litter of Shiba Inu puppies on a web camera, and at points there have been more than 20,000 viewers watching a litter of six rambunctious youngsters live their first few weeks of life. It’s better than having a real litter of puppies. You get to watch them alternate tumbling and wrestling exhuberantly with flopping down exhausted in a big pile of fuzzy puppy—without any of the mess or tiny, sharp teeth. I have a very handsome golden retriever, and I dare say Shiba Inu puppies are actually cuter than golden pups. Every night I check in; they grow up so fast. Come visit my virtual puppy litter.