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Valentino at Long Island’s CinemaArts Centre April 20, 2009

valtinoThe great Valentino documentary, “Valentino, The Last Emperor,” continues to break records in art film houses, but I was especially thrilled to discover the it is playing at my new favorite CinemaArts Centre near my country home in Huntington, N.Y. Director Matt Tyrnauer introduced the film last Friday, which I could kill myself for not knowing, because it was impossible to get tickets the director presentations at NYC’s FilmForum. I’d highly recommend seeing the movie at the cushy CinemaArts Centre, which is one of the fanciest art houses I’ve ever seen, complete with its own sculpture garden, chic cafe, and 3 roomy theaters, all set like a pearl in the oyster of this quaint Long Island Sound-side village. I checked with the cinema, and it’s supposed to be playing through this week, but will linger if there’s a good turnout. Learn more here.


Valentino: The Last Emperor March 12, 2009

valentinoIn my draping certificate final project last year, I dubbed my collection, “Ode to Valentino,” and I spent many joyous hours researching Valentino’s work and life in the FIT library. Not only did the man fashion amazing garments—he had an amazing life. And next week, “Valentino, The Last Emperor” will make its U.S. debut at New York City’s Film Forum and then open in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas. At last, we’ll get an intimate glimpse of one of Italy’s richest and most famous men and explore his unique relationship with his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti. I can’t wait! Learn more.