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Fashion Emergency September 18, 2008

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The sunglasses that saved my live

The sunglasses that saved my life

Fashion really can save your life. I have proof-positive.

In mid-June I was out walking my 100 lb. golden retriever, and he dragged me to the park. Once there, he darted for a ball, and the leash got tangled in my feet, and BAM! Down I went, in a concrete face plant. The loud crack was all I heard, and then a woman was shaking me, asking me if I was okay. I was pretty dazed; my hand flew to my face to make sure my nose wasn’t broken. She kindly walked me home (Brooklynites are big-hearted that way) and then realized that it would probably be wise to get checked out in the emergency room.

I took the taxi over to LICH and sat in the waiting room, feeling slightly foolish and over-panicky. The doctor who saw me wiggled my nose and determined it not broken, asked if I lost conciousness (I did briefly, but I didn’t recall), asked me if I was seeing double (no), had me follow her finger with my eyes, and pronounced that I would live. I explained that what hurt most was my cheekbone because I had been wearing these big ol’ Ralph Lauren sunglasses, and the curved bruise from the lower lens rim was already showing on my cheek. “Those sunglasses probably saved your life,” the doctor clucked. And you know they didn’t even have a scratch.