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Jimmy Choo at H&M! June 22, 2009

jimmychooAdding to the list of guest-designers for H&M, Jimmy Choo will bring its irresistible charm and to die for shoes and handbags to selected stores.  The collection will be available November 14 in about  200 stores around the globe. Read more on


Passementeries June 10, 2009

passTonight in my embellishment class, we learned passementerie, and I thought I might try to find a nice passementerie video to post, but instead stumbled across Athena’s Parisian twin: an academic girl living in Paris thinking about style, interiors and culture. If that doesn’t just sum Athena up in a nutshell. And wouldn’t you know she named her blog Passementerie. Read more about this new fab Athena friend here.


litter sf: Saucy body jewelry June 9, 2009

yhst-38159722918324_2058_2744928For bedecking and bedazzling yourself, there’s nothing more glittery than the jewelry from litter sf. These gals have jewelry for the shoes, body, head and ears. It’s downright saucy. See littersf jewelry here (but beware, they’ve been so popular, they’re selling out).


Fashion warriors: Funksauce Vintage and Retro June 7, 2009

I’m from St. Louis and I may never have left if Funksauce Vintage and Retro had been around. While St. Louis may not be the easiest place for fashionistas to thrive, it is the bomb when it comes to untapped vintage sources. Fortunately you don’t have to live there to buy from Funksauce. And they also have a new Funksauce blog. Read on to learn more about these brave, adorable lads carrying out a tough fashion mission just west of the Mississippi: is the endeavor of two brothers, David and Chris, whose fashion sense has been living right around the 70’s for the last several years. We grew up in a small town in southern-central Missouri, population 722, a place where fashion as a whole is generally not a huge concern. But we love being different, we love some of the styles from previous decades, and with today’s environmental issues, we’re excited about the fact that we have the opportunity to recycle clothing! We can’t help but try to spread our appreciation for vintage and retro clothing to others. We choose clothing that catches our interest, so you should be able to get a sense of our tastes as you get to know us better. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experiences with us even better. is a one-stop, virtual shop for all your vintage and retro clothing needs. Every article of clothing offered for sale on our website was personally selected, measured, photographed, and cried on by either Chris or David Thomson…you couldn’t possibly want for more! But there IS more! In addition to the peace of mind you will have knowing that the clothes you are viewing on the site were hand-picked by the Midwest’s finest fashion gurus, we also offer free shipping on all orders within the United States, all the time!

We would greatly appreciate it if you’d peruse our website, offer suggestions/feedback on what you see (clothing and/or website design), place an order if anything strikes your fancy, or even just submit your email address at the bottom of the homepage to receive emails. Also, we would be extremely grateful if you could help us spread the word by forwarding our website and facebook page to your friends, family and acquaintances. What else could you do to help us get the word out? We thought you’d never ask. Here are a few ideas:

· Bring up at the water cooler with co-workers
· Buy a t-shirt on our website and make that your “casual Friday” wear—every Friday
· If you see someone wearing a cool outfit, tell them that their clothes are “totally funksauce”
· Stand on street corners and hand out flyers and tootsie rolls after work and on weekends
· Have the funksauce logo painted on the side of your car or tattooed on your shoulder or neck.

Your support in this business venture will be a key ingredient to our success … so let’s work together to put the FUNK back into fashion! Fine fashions of decades past are simply one click away:

*Please visit our website and sign up to become a member!

Sincerely yours,

Chris Thomson & David Thomson


Contact Info

St. Louis, MO ~ Funkytown

In case you were wondering: Balmain on sale May 22, 2009

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balmainIn case you were wondering where to pick up your Balmain duds and accessories, here’s the site: Just don’t expect to find any budget buys. The coat at left goes for over $11K, but you can pick it up for just under $8K. That’s a pretty penny for the it coat of the season. Find more Balmain here.


THE WIFE: The Chanel Ballet Flats Saga (cont.) May 14, 2009

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taryntitleWhat working girl doesn’t occasionally wish that she could lapse into the fantasy life of just being a WIFE? You know, run the house; decorate; manage the menus and nannies; plan the entertaining; do charity work; stock the closet and so forth. Since almost all of us gals, single or no, are working these days, this is definitely a fantasy.

chanel2At the risk of being terribly politically incorrect, I want to point you to a new blog: THE WIFE, where you get all sorts of practical advice on how to be a classic and elegant housewife. And of course, my favorite post is on the Chanel ballet flat and its indispensability in every housewife’s closet.  So like the supposed impossibility of marrying after 40 and winning the lottery, we may never be WIVES, but preparation is key. Because, hey, you never know. Study being a WIFE here.


Valentino Rules April 1, 2009

I went to see Valentino The Last Emperor yesterday and it was total fabulousity. I just want to go live with designer Valentino and his partner Giancarlo. They are adorable in this frank look at the couture fashion world. Learn more here. And check out the trailer and interview. More on YouTube.


Helsinki’s Minna Parikka’s Glam Shoe Line February 2, 2009

video_jackie_600_bigPin-up-girl and Hollywood-glam wannabes, get back or sit down and hold onto your girly curls, because you are going to flip out at the latest of Minna Parikka retro-moderne shoes. This Helsinki-based line is just so unbelievably distinctive. With touches like ’40s bows and ’20s brogues, she combines retro with now to create show-stopping shoes. And if you’re ever in Helsinki, her boutique is mwah! Visit her web site here and buy Minna Parikka shoes here. See the sexy promo video below.

Many thanks to the ChloeVanParis blog for this hot shoe tip.


Fashion for Real Men January 16, 2009

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1What is it with men’s fashion? It seems like you have to be either a complete pretty-boy fop or have no style whatsoever. Isn’t there any alternative to these extremes? Enter—not too dandy, not too dowdy, its just right as a site that provides real fashion direction for real men. As someone who’s spent too much of her life trying to reform her husband’s dressing habits—with limited progress— provides some solutions we both can agree on.


(Little) Black Dresses litter Golden Globes January 15, 2009

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instylejessicaBoy, there were a lot of black dresses, little and otherwise, at the Golden Globes this year. Here’s a glimpse of some, along with a few color-saturated frocks, that turned up at the InStyle/Warner Bros. after-party. You’ll find this and other must-know red-carpet info, like Victoria Beckam’s new $120,00 Birkin, at