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Quick and Inexpensive Gifts You Can Make December 22, 2009

Out of money and time? Try these budget-friendly DIY gift ideas …


Catch up on Project Runway Episode 6 September 28, 2009

projectIn case you didn’t hear, Ra’mon is off (sniff). Get the dirt on the Episode 6 of Project runway. Read here …


Sweatshop Documentary: Made in L.A. August 25, 2009

banner1Check out this new documentary about three Latina immigrants working in an L.A. sweatshop. It aired on August 11 on Encore, but the DVD is available and there are other showings around the country. Read more …


How to draw your own landspace plans July 26, 2009

final_planFor those of us who have no fear of rushing in, this is a great article on how to draw your own landscape plans. I must admit, it makes me tired just reading it, but it’s very illuminating, if only just enough to persuade you to hire a pro. Read more …


Safer Sex in the City Fundraiser June 21, 2009


My good friend Jessica is working passionately on this fundraiser and speaks emotionally about the way that ASCNYC has helped turned lives around. If you can’t attend, please consider donating an auction item for this very worthy cause.

On June 25, join celebrity host NYC drag legend Flotilla DeBarge,Vivid Girl Savanna Samson, dance-pop singer Reina, superstar DJ, Vic Latino, and many more special guests for the summer’s sexiest fundraiser, promoting safer sex in the age of AIDS. Pamela Anderson, Joy Behar, Margaret Cho, Linda Eder, Ellie Krieger, Robert LaFosse, & Gloria Ruben have joined forces with ASC as part of this year’s benefit committee. The star-studded event will be from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Duvet, 45 Wests 21st Street, New York City. For more info, click here.

NYC’s Museum of Sex will showcase a curated sampler of the museum’s renowned collection on human sexuality. Fun-filled, uninhibited presentations will spotlight ASC’s innovative safer-sex education and HIV risk reduction programs.  Guests can bid on fabulous silent auction items.

For sponsorship, silent-auction donations, or tickets, contact Brooke Brailey at 212-645-0875, x303 or

AIDS Service Center NYC (ASC) is a community based non-profit at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS and the effort to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to HIV prevention, services, and treatment. For more information about AIDS Service Center NYC visit

General Tickets: $100
VIP Tickets: $250
Buy-A-Bed”: $2,500 (6 VIPs, Champagne Lounge & Exclusive Celebrity Experience

Click here for ticket info!


Beads, Glorious Beads September 22, 2008

Anastasia of Anastasia Beads does the most extraordinary glasswork, whether it’s her fabulous focals, her gorgeous jewelery sets or her amazing beads. Each piece, no matter how large or small, is like an intricate, glass-spun universe unto itself. Although I’m a creative person myself (I design clothes and sew), I simply can’t imagine fashioning glass into these objets d’art. See it for yourself.


A Shout-Out to Lone Star Vintage Clothing September 17, 2008

Here’s a shout-out to Heather Lewis and her Lone Star Vintage Clothing site and blog. Heather is the mastermind behind the cool weekly projects here on Athena and the Mattie Reid site, but she hasn’t been able to post lately because she evacuated out of Houston last week and hasn’t been able to get back home yet. Since we can’t have her project this week, I’m offering up a little budget style on her site. Then you can read about her Hurricane Ike adventures. Happy Trails to you, Heather, and get home safely!


Make a felt appliqué greeting card in a half-Hour September 7, 2008

By Heather Lewis

This project is super easy and only takes about thirty minutes. You will need the following supplies:



· Two pieces of felt

· Scissors

· Hole punch

· Needle

· Contrasting thread

· Pack of blank greeting cards (any color)

· Glue stick (not shown)

First: You take one piece of felt and cut 2 x 4 ½” rectangular piece

Second: You take your hole punch and punch out 8 circles. Try to make the circles even like this:

Third: You will take the felt that you cut circles in and give the edges and wavy look. You can do this by taking your scissors and cutting in and out. You can also use pinking shears for a cleaner look:

Fourth: Next you will take your second piece of felt and cut a slightly larger piece than the first piece. I basically took my first piece, laid it on top of the second piece and cut around the first piece:

Fifth: You will now take your needle and thread and attach both pieces together. You will want to make the thread appear as if it is connecting the dots.  You felt will end up looking like this:

Sixth: Once the two pieces are sewn together, you will take your remaining thread and do a quick whip stitch around the edges. You appliqué should end up looking like this:

Seventh: You will then take your glue stick and rub the stick on the backside of the felt:

Once you’ve completely saturated the backside of your appliqué, you will then attach the appliqué to the front of the card. Now you have a cute little felt appliqué card:


This item and other cute handcrafted items are available at


One Hour Beaded Felt-Flower Brooch August 30, 2008

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By Heather Lewis

This project is super easy and only takes about forty-five minutes to one hour, depending on how quickly you sew. You will need the following supplies:

•    Beads or buttons
•    Felt
•    Scissors
•    Thread
•    Needle(s)
•    ¾” bar pins (for the back of the brooch-can be found at any craft store)
•    Paper towels

First: You cut your felt into cute little “U” shapes, above right. For a really full flower, cut about 15 pieces. I cut five larger and three smaller pieces.

Second: You take your needle and thread and slowly gather the flat end of the “U” shaped piece (not the curved end) as shown, left. You will want to continue and sew all of your pieces like the photo at left. Once sewn together, they will look like these pretty little petals, below.

Third: After you have finished gathering all pieces with your thread, you will want to sew all of those pieces together to form a flower shape, one petal at a time, above. I sew the larger pieces together first and the smaller pieces last.

Fourth: Once all pieces are sewn together, you will add either beads or buttons on top as shown, left. You can use sea beads or any type of beads you like. I used three red beads that look like jelly beans.

Fifth: Once you’ve sewn your beads onto the front of the flower, you will take your ¾” bar pin and sew that on the back, as shown above right.

WaLa: You have a really pretty felt-flower brooch. This can be worn a combination of ways: on a jacket or a skirt waistband. I purchased a vintage silk belt at an estate sale that was pretty plain and added this cute lil’ brooch to the front of it to jazz it up a bit!

This item and others can be found at:


Make a little keepsake box from vintage trims August 23, 2008

By Heather Lewis

This project is super easy and only takes about one hour to an hour-and-a-half. You will need the following supplies:

• Acrylic paint
• Paint brush
• Rhinestones, tear drop shaped glass beads and some type of plastic beads. Vintage beads work best however, if you can’t find those, any beads from the craft store will work (they need to be round like a doughnut).
• Little wooden box (I found mine at the dollar store). They have these at any craft store. It does not matter what size. Mine measures 4” x 4”.
• Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.
• Water
• Paper towels
• Felt
• Scissors
• Seam binding

First: You have to paint your little box. Choose whatever color you like best. I painted my box a darker blue color and went over it with a lighter blue. Once the lighter blue was painted on, I took a paper towel and blotted the paint. This gives the box a bit of a weathered look. It turned out really nicely.

Second: You will take your little plastic doughnut beads and space them out on the top of the box before gluing them down. This will give you an idea of how many beads you will need for your box. Then you will glue those on with the hot glue gun one by one. This is a very tedious process however it’s the only way to do it. You will want to repeat this step on the top of each side as well. Once the doughnut beads have been added, you will glue on your rhinestones one by one. Again, this is a very tedious process but it’s the only way to do it.

This is what the box will look like once you have glued on the rhinestones and beads:

Third: You will take your rhinestones and teardrop shaped glass beads (can be plastic as well) and glue those onto the sides in the shape of a flower. My box only allowed for three on each side:

Fourth: You will cut your felt to the size of the bottom of your box. You will also need to cut two pieces for the inside top and bottom. Glue those on with the hot glue once you have determined what size the pieces need to be. Here’s a pic of the bottom of the box once the felt has been added:

Fifth: You need to add binding to all inside corners. I suggest taking the binding and gluing down each side you are working with until you have covered all sides. Once you’ve finished the binding, you will make four additional flowers on the inside top of the box. You will also add a teardrop bead to each inside corner:

WaLa! You have a lovely keepsake box:

You can find this box and many other handcrafted items at or You can also click on the banner below.