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Native Plant Nursery: Edge of the Woods May 10, 2009

eowEdge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery is a nursery in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania specializing in native plants. Native plants provide natural and sustainable beauty and a welcoming habitat for birds, butterflies and other insects, ensuring a future filled with a healthy diversity of plants and wildlife.

eow2They are committed to sustainable growing practices and use a peat-free compost based potting mix. (Peat is a non-renewable resource.) Compost provides an excellent source of organic nutrients and helps retain moisture. They use minimal pesticides in the nursery and practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management). See the Q&A below or click here to learn more. For affordable design services, click here.

What are native plants?

Native plants are indigenous plants, that occurred in the region before settlement by Europeans. They thrive in the climate and conditions of the area. Non-native plants were introduced from other countries or regions.

Why should I plant native plants?

Because they are fun, beautiful and easy! Native plants were living here long before we arrived with our fertilizers and pruners. Once established, native plants provide 4 seasons of carefree beauty if they are properly sited.

Will native plants grow in my garden?

There are native plants adapted to thrive in any condition from wet, soggy clay to dry, gravelly soil, and from hot sun to full shade. When well placed, native plants do not require watering, fertilizer or pesticides. Native plants provide four seasons of pleasure, with flowers in the spring, berries in the summer, brilliant colors in the fall and interesting bark and twig patterns in the winter.

What difference does it make if I plant a native or non-native?

The seed from non-native plants can travel a distance from your garden, via birds and animals. Invasive plants have been known to take over waysides, waterways and roadsides – – Miscanthus grass, purple loosestrife and bamboo are a few examples. Once they are on the ‘highway system” its a short trip to natural and naturalized areas. We all need to garden as if we lived on the edge of the woods.

Discover Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery.