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The Who – Athena May 25, 2009

Who knew we had an ode to Athena magazine?


Musical collaboration April 24, 2009

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musicA place for audio collaboration for anyone with ideas in sound.

1. Post links to your audio idea files UNDER THE LINKS SECTION – traffic noise, guitar riffs, rants, appliance recordings, birdsongs, unfinished compositions, old orphaned unfinished projects from your hard drive… If you don’t have anyplace to store files online you can link to, just do a search on “online file storage.” It’s pretty simple to upload sound files to share. *

2. Visit frequently to see what others have posted – take what you want from what you find. You can record or download files that are unmodified by other members, or you can add something additional to a modified project.

3. Modify what you’ve taken in some way – add, subtract, collapse, digest, excrete….

4. Post a link to the result of your modification.

* Current group members have used, and, and and may be able to answer questions.



See Jazz Bombshell Marilyn Kleinberg Wed. February 22, 2009

marilyn1Jazz music lovers alert: This Wednesday, our favorite jazz singer Marilyn Kleinberg will be performing at the Bowery Wine Company for one night only. The trio will include: Marilyn on vocals, Saul Rubin on guitar and Pat O’Leary on bass. Read recent Athena post on Marilyn.

When: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm Location: Bowery Wine Company Street: 13 E. 1st St. City/Town: New York, NY. Contact InfoPhone: 2126140800. Learn more about Marilyn or order her CD here.


Finding FAULT: One Sexy Magazine December 24, 2008

faultmagFAULT is my new magazine love. Published quarterly, with a yearly companion limited edition hardback book, FAULT seeks out the best and newest in music, art, film and fashion like an intrepid jetsetter. Sort of like Athena, but a whole lot trendier in an I-get-out-of-the-house-a-lot, London kind of way. The art direction alone is incredibly fresh—and who even needs content when you’ve got that on your side. But you gotta love anyone who is actively seeking our next generation of artists. See FAULT here.


Needing more favorite music—What’s yours? October 27, 2008

Granted Cold Play’s Viva La Vida has a well-earned spot as my favorite listen of the summer and will definitely become a classic for me. Yet it can’t be my only music, much as I love it. Lately, I’ve also become a big fan of Bubbles and Cheesecake. And been listening to Mary J. Blige’s Growing Pains and anything Al Green. But I need more—what’s your favorite music?


Alle Willis presents Bubbles and Cheesecake “I Confess” October 25, 2008

More from the lovely chanteuses Bubbles and Cheesecake. Where can I buy this stuff?!


A Girl with Real Soul September 26, 2008

Angel McKenzie isn’t your average Roots-Rock and Soul singer. She has a mission in her music, specifically to use her songs as a vehicle to spotlight poverty and hunger with her AMcK Initiative. Musical activities include staging benefit concerts/food drives, where the audience comes out to enjoy great music in exchange for food donations. After each show the collected food is turned over to a local food rescue agency for distribution to the needy. That officially makes Angela a beautiful person inside and out. Check out her soulful music here.


Marilyn is One Hot Jazz Bombshell September 20, 2008

If you’re going to let Marilyn drag you out, don’t count on getting home anytime early and plan on having the time of your life. Marilyn Kleinberg came of age in New York City’s brilliant West Village ’70s jazz scene  and knows exactly where to find what’s left of it. She knows everyone and is an amazing jazz singer herself. Tonight, we went to the Fat Cat, which to me is about as close to a West Village smokey jazz cave as you’ll get these days. You may not have caught her set the other night at Sweet Rhythm, but you can order her CD here or email her at: Prepare to be blown away.


Watch This! “Editing is cool” and “It’s a Woman Thang” September 16, 2008

Here are two great music videos, “Editing is Cool” and “It’s a Woman Thang” from a Facebook friend, Allee Willis. I just love them both. Allee is pretty darned inspiring. (Tip: If you click through to YouTube and click the “watch in high quality” link above the # of views you’ll see more detail.) When I came across this video, I had no idea that Allee wrote Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September”, which is my favorite song ever in the whole world. But I’m not at all surprised.