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Spinning Yarns with Crafty Storytellers June 2, 2009

yarn3Grand storytellers Jeffrey Rudell and Michaela Murphy will be telling crafty tales this Thursday, June 4, at The Lion Brand Studio in NYC @ 6:00.  This show will also feature first time storytellers who submitted their stories to the Lion Brand blog and it promises to be a fun evening.  Hope that you can all make it (the new studio is worth a visit all on its own.) Both of these folks are tremendously talented and entertaining and all around great people. Here is the link for reservations:
Please pass this invite on to anyone who likes a great yarn.


Liar, Liar March 11, 2009

liarMichaela Murphy is an incredibly gifted storyteller, among her many talents, and on March 18, she’ll be part of an ensemble Liar Show. (Michael’s the third from left in top row in the poster.) This special edition of the show features eight unbelievable performers telling short-and-sweet stories. Six are true, two aren’t. Expose either lie to win. Just way too much fun, from what I hear. For tickets and more info, click here.