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Kenneth D. King: King of Couture Embellishment July 14, 2009

kingToday is the last day of my haute couture embellishments class at FIT, where we present our portfolios,  and I wanted to pay a little homage to my professor, Kenneth D. King. This man lives and breathes couture embellishment and approaches it with a curiosity and creativity that is as rare as it is delightful. Visit couture designer Kenneth D. King’s site here. 

For his Designer Bead Embroidery book, click here. book


Sewing Feathers June 12, 2009

owptitle_tm110Tonight in my haute couture embellishments class taught by Kenneth D. King we learned how to attach ostrich feathers to garments. First, you cut the little individual plumes (called flues) off the feather. Take 4-5 flues and line up so that ends are even. Lay flue group pointing down and stitch over flues once or twice 1/4 inch from top. Then bend the flues so that they are doubled over stitching and stitch again. Repeat as needed. Tip: Flue groups should be sewn on like hair on a wig—randomly, with much more at the top and much less underneath. The top group of flues should be sewn pointing up, then bent down.


Cool Couture by Kenneth D. King February 17, 2009

coolcoutureweb_000I know fashion designer and author Kenneth D. King from my days as a sewing editor, and along with being an absolute delight of a person, he’s also amazingly talented in his art and supremely generous in his sharing of his knowledge. In fact, he’s been teaching the second semester (embellishments) of the FIT Haute Couture certificate that I’m pursuing, and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be lucky enough to get him as a professor. But for those of us who don’t get to learn from Kenneth in person, he’s recently released an updated version of his 1996 favorite Cool Couture: Construction Secrets for Runway Style, and frankly, his timing couldn’t be better. His sensibility is both classically original and futuristically fresh. And couture (and knowing how to accomplish it) is truly just so cool now.

Order Cool Couture here.

Visit Kenneth D. King’s web site here.