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Intiative Radio: Part 2 of Dalai Lama Special September 8, 2009

Listen to more about the life of the Dalai Lama on Intiative Radio:

The Dalai Lama: Conversation with the head of Tibet Fund August 29, 2009

Here’s a link to this coming week’s Initiative Radio program. It’s gives a decent history of how the Dalai Lama came to be exiled from Tibet through Angela Mckenzie conversation with the head of the Tibet Fund.

Internet Archive: Free Download: IR-09-01

Since 1959 over 140,000 Tibetans have fled their homeland and endured great hardship to start a new life in exile. The Tibet Fund was founded under the…  LISTEN TO IT >>>

Initiative Radio: Art as healing therapy August 20, 2009


On today’s program Angela visits the progressive Fountain Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC to speak with director Jason Bowman who explains why Fountain is not..

Hear more …


Intiative Radio: NYC Poet Richard Cooper Williams June 29, 2009

angela“Initiative Radio’s” motto is “Food for the Mind & Music for the Soul” and in this edition Angela is joined by New York City poet Richard Cooper Williams to focus on the soulful aspect of the program. Williams reads several selections from his book “From A Whisper To A Scream” whilst Angela spins the acoustic guitar based tracks of East Coast singer/songwriter Matt Duke’s “Acoustic Kingdom Underground.” This show is perfect for setting the soul adrift on an ocean of bliss and reflection.


This week on Initiative Radio: The Professional Do-Gooder May 12, 2009

Angela Mckenzie, host of Initiative Radio

Angela Mckenzie, host of Initiative Radio

Cathy Lanyard is a self-described, “Professional Do-Gooder.” Having grown up in a privileged New Jersey suburb, her mother’s inability to “give-back” inspired her to do just the opposite.

Cathy’s first foray into philanthropy begun when she rallied members of her community to build a playground for the local public school. Later on she became a Washington lobbyist and eventually she left that position to become a fundraiser for an organization whose goal is to encourage pluralism in Israel. 

Today, Cathy is the Executive Director of The American Friends of ALYN Hospital In Tel Aviv, Israel. This round-the-clock rehabilitation facility, serves children of ALL ethnic and religious backgrounds using innovative techniques, designed to improve the quality of their lives, regardless of the severity of their injuries and illnesses.

In this position, Cathy is able to promote her two most beloved causes – children and Israel. To listen to the show: