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Having a Coke with You: Frank O’Hara April 3, 2009

Frank O´Hara reading his poem “Having a Coke with you” in his flat in New York in 1966, shortly before his accidental death. Taken from “USA: Poetry: Frank O’Hara” produced and directed by Richard Moore, for KQED and WNET. Originally aired on September 1, 1966. This video was found where more videos can be seen on


Poet David Clewell: King of American Arcana March 22, 2009

davidclewellDavid Clewell was my first real writing teacher, back at Webster University in St. Louis 25 years ago. He’s a working poet and taught me to love William Carlos Williams and poetry for life in one fell reading of “To a Poor Old Woman.”  Isn’t it reassuring that Professor Clewell is still teaching at Webster University and passing on a real-life passion for poetry. He’s a wonderful poet in his own right, but enough of what I think. Here’s what Billy Collins thinks: “David Clewell is an exuberant, inexhaustible poet and an insider on such diverse American arcana as forgotten Hollywood actors, flying saucers, CIA shenanigans, comic books, cereal favors, beatnik kitsch, and jazz. His unstoppable narrative energy and his multi-layered curiosity are almost enough to drive this poet out to the far right side of the page. His elegy for a federal agent who jumped out a window on LSD is alone worth the price of this collection of Clewell at his best, his most Clewellian.”—Billy Collins, Poet Laureate of the United States

Learn more about David Clewell.

Read one of his great poems here.


Southeast Review seeking submissions February 23, 2009

southeastreview(This just in from our friends at Southeast Review. Here’s your chance, poetry, short, short fiction and nonfiction writers!)

Do you folks realize that we’ve only had 60 entries in all of our contest categories COMBINED? That’s an average of a 1 in 20 chance of winning in any category! That is, of course, as of now. We’d love to see your poems, short short fiction, and nonfiction in this contest. Don’t you know “reality media” is the “in” thing right now? We have next to nothing in the nonfiction category. Giddeeup, writers! Send us your words! With an extended deadline of March 20th, you have a month’s worth of time to submit:

(FYI: There is a submission fee.)


Landon Godfrey sounds like she should be a poet, right? January 30, 2009

lgbird081210Why isn’t the art of poetry more valued in this country? I really can’t think of a more laudable profession, yet professional poets seem to be a vanishing breed these days. So it’s a delight to stumble upon one who is still plying the trade with diligence. Landon Godfrey is of that ilk. Just sample a few lines from her poem “Oklahoma:”


Orange trumpet vine
plaits through scrub oak
and a chrome-green hummingbird
labors at each fount,
the two-way seduction
rare it seems to me.

You can read the rest of the poem here and learn more about Landon Godfrey’s glorious work here.


Never enough of lovely January 11, 2009

A Francesca Woodman photograph from Mia's blogI’m continually amazed by the young talent in the blogosphere. Here’s a blog by the daughter of a good friend: Lots and Lots of Lovely. Take a delightful journey with Mia as she muses on what pleases her most … and pleasing indeed it is. Visit this lovely place here.


Fashion’s New Frontier January 5, 2009

banner-eyes2I don’t know what’s going on in the southern hemisphere lately, but it’s seems like everything indie fashion is coming from down under. The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes, a style-driven site-that-started-as-a-blog, by 15-year-old New Zealander Imogen is truly fantastic. Very Athena. Check it out.


PR for Indies January 3, 2009

Who knows exactly where the crossover point from indie to mainstream occurs. Certainly indie has become more mainstream in recent years. And here’s proof: A west coast public relations and consulting agency that serves as a launchpad of emerging & indie talents, ModAgency is an idea whose time has come. Since the words PR and indie don’t usually appear in the same tagline, I just had to pass this resource on. For more info, go here.

Or here.


The Wide Open World of Artist K.A. Shott December 21, 2008

Moko Beacon with Burial Peaches  Watercolor 16 " x 24 "  Copyright 2008, KA Shott

I’ve been on a literary kick lately, because I’ve discovered the Internet as a great connector for writers. One of my newest finds in K.A. Schott, a novelist/short fiction writer/poet/artist who lives in Iowa, a place so wide open that it’s easy to listen to your heart. And follow it, as K.A. Shott has, doing art for neither money nor celebrity, and offering her two latest novels up for free, for the price of a download. Explore K.A. Shott’s world here.


Happy Indie Holiday December 19, 2008

typewriter1Finally, a cause you can get behind. I am in this group on FB and want to share beyond Facebook borders. This letter came from Rob, from the FB Independent Booksellers Group.

Dear Member:

This holiday, I am asking that you help Indies across the country by contributing just $10.00 to our cause benefactor, The American Booksellers Association (ABA). ABA provides educational resources to Indies that allow us the opportunity to serve you better. ABA is the founder of Indiebound, the movement that is making waves across across the nation and beyond by uniting and igniting the passion for buying local. If each of us would give just $10.00, imagine what could be done.

Your $10.00 could make a huge difference to so many indie shops. Please make your tax-deductable donation today.

I hope that eaach of you have a Happy, Peaceful and Indie Holiday.




This weekend: NYC’s Indie/Small Press Fair December 5, 2008

title1Get your  literary on at the 21st Annual Indie and Small Press Book Fair at the New York Center for Independent Publishing in NYC this weekend. You’ll find more than 100 indie publishers from all over the world, selling books you can’t get at the big box bookstores. This is the literary event of the season for the independently-minded bookish set, and in the true spirit of Athena, it’s all free. Learn more here and get directions here.