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Designer Cheung Lik: Wear and Tear Collection April 30, 2009

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Excerpted from iFashion Network

Designer Cheung Lik: Wear and Tear Collection – By Catherine Shen

Apr 29

Yes, Jack Nicholson told it to our face that we can’t handle the truth. But lets all be honest here. The truth is, who truly likes a closet that’s sparkly clean? No clothes on the ground? Necklaces all lying perfectly upon tiny cushions? Maybe that’s how we all dream it to be, and designer Cheung Lik seems to know exactly what we are all thinking about.


After graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lik explored many different materials and ways to create the perfect accessory. And looks to me she found it through her new collection, “Wear and Tear”. By experimenting with new materials and forms, she created a modern design with a touch of messiness that doesn’t get your mom screaming after you. (Which is a good change). It is edgy, new and completely original.

Check out the Squeezed Chains collection, scrunched up flashy chains with leather straps winding across your wrist as gun mental bracelets. Or check out the Weaved Tape, which is black leather weaved with gold chains perfect around your neck to impress.

Each style is the perfect ice breaker between strangers, so why not begin breaking the ice?





Accessories available at


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Bargain Shopping, Techie Style January 20, 2009

(This article is excerpted from a really amazing indie fashion site I stumbled upon recently: the iFashion Network. Put this blog on your must-read feed!)

Bargain Shopping, Techie Style
By Catherine Shen

Your boss walks into the office and sees you typing industriously on your keyboard. He gives you a “thumbs up” and smiles encouragingly, then goes off to yell at your co-workers.

Don’t lie. It’s okay, I won’t tell that you’re really shopping online for the next bargain. And what’s a better time than the downtime at work (not that I condone this sort of behavior…ever)?

Check out, a website that focuses entirely on homemade clothing and accessories. You want to stand out, have something no one else has. This is the place to go. It screams out chic vintage in every item – definitely worth your work time. I especially love their flower brooches: very modern, and it doesn’t remind me of my grandmother, which is always a plus.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Designers don’t come cheap, that’s why offers designers at slashed prices. At times like these, perhaps giving this site a few clicks will save more than spend (don’t we all wish)? From Marc Jacobs to Juicy Couture, there is something for everyone with prices we can all afford.

Courtesy of Chickdowntown / Diane von Furstenberg.

Courtesy of Chickdowntown / Diane von Furstenberg.

Courtesy of Chickdowntown / Juicy Couture.

Courtesy of Chickdowntown / Juicy Couture.

Catherine Shen, iFashion Bloggers