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My ’70s needlepoint pillow May 2, 2009

studio54My step-grandmother was a master needlepointer in the most WASP-y sense of the word, and it was only when I tried my hand at the craft that I realized it took skill, endurance and determination of the sort that only an aging Midwestern debutante of a certain age could muster. But Grandmother Fox never had patterns like these too cool needlepoint pillows from Jonathan Adler. If Athena could needlepoint, she would dream up something like this Studio 54 memento for the ’70s disco set.


The headboard solution March 26, 2009

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briannaBeds are expensive, there’s no doubt. When I was out shopping for furniture recently on Route 110 in Long Island, I discovered a neat little trick. You don’t haveheadboard1 to buy the whole bed—you can just buy the headboard, for a fraction of the price. It’s a little best-kept furniture store secret. Plus, you don’t have to deal with a bulky bed frame or footboard. We put a bench at the foot of ours and it’s a built-in stair case for Chipper. At Pottery Barn, they dispense with the formalities and just sell the headboards flat out. Lots of them. This is the one that I want—only $300.