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Fashion Week arrives! February 14, 2009

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peter-som1Yesterday was the kickoff at the tents at Bryant Park and presentations elsewhere. Get the latest scoop here!


Gucci Spring ’09 Show, Part 2 February 4, 2009

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And part 2 of spring inspiration:


Gucci S/S 2009 Fashion Show, Part 1 February 3, 2009

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Just to get us in the mood for spring:


Bangs?!!! September 23, 2008

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I am constantly changing my hair. I view hair as a sort of accessory, a great way to accent a new look. So it’s often that people don’t recognize me from one time to the next—I’m a chameleon that way. Recently, I wrote about entering a new hair dimension by finding a fabulous set of sister salons: Public and Woodley & Bunny.

Well, my mother flew in to see me and get a second haircut with me for my birthday. It just tickles me pink that my 60-something mom loves this hipster salon (the stylists all remind her of her ’70s heyday). My mother has her hair cut by Ginger, and I had finally secured an appointment with the artistic Andy.

When I sat down in the chair, he asked what I wanted. I said that I was up for anything. And he suggested bangs. Bangs!!! I have not had bangs since I was sixteen and wearing braces on my teeth and back. I have this picture that is so completely ridiculous from my high school album. I am wearing a really cute cadet-blue, plaid, bow-tie dress that I wish I still had, and my face is half-braces and half-bangs. Then before that I was five and slightly cuter, but still, I was five. Now I’m in my forties.

I winced at the memories. “Bangs,” I said weakly. “I don’t look so good in bangs. They are just so … irrevocable.” It was hard to turn down an artist’s inspiration, but I just couldn’t see it.

“Really,” he said. “I think that you’ll look like Louise Brooks.”

Well, that was a different story, but …. no. He shrugged and set to patiently cutting my hair just as it has been for the past year.

Since he had been working for Fashion Week, I asked, “Are bangs big on the runway?”

“No, just really, really long hair.”

Well, really long hair was definitely out of the question. But here was a man who created the looks for Fashion Week. Couldn’t I just be a little flexible? I pondered this as he trimmed away. Soon, he would be finished, and my chance for change would be gone. I always say no to change at first, but I always reconsider.

“It’s not too late for the bangs, is it?”

And there you have it. For the third time in my life, I have bangs. But, oh what a difference this time. Where they had once made me squinty-eyed and cute, I’m suddenly youthfully glam. Boys at Starbucks no longer call me ma’am when I order my iced Americanos. I’m a “miss.” People love my new look, or if they can’t figure out what’s new, just say that I looked terrific. (How anyone could miss anything as obvious as bangs is beyond me.)

But the best comment was from a work friend: “Lulu,” he beamed, upon first seeing me. “That is the best look on women over 40. Women in their 20s just don’t look that good in bangs.” Now that definitely put a spring in my step.

And if I put on dark eyeliner and tilt my head just so, to my left profile, and squint, I really do look like Lulu.


Waah, Fashion Week is over! September 13, 2008

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Okay, we all have to go back to real life now, without a host of new duds to look at every night. It’s time to forget about living in the future and get into wearing (and making) our fab fall stuff. But before we say goodbye to the Spring 2009 shows, here’s a few of more of my favorites: Anna Sui; J. Mendel; Milly; and Oscar de la Renta. I’ve yet to see the Project Runway show, but that’ll be the icing on the cake.


Red-Eye Candy: Fashion Week Picks September 11, 2008

Okay, it’s mid-week, and I’ve given up on clicking through each collection and trying to save my favorites on I’m on fashion overload, and it’s all become a blur. I need to throw myself at the mercy of the fashion editors and say: “I give up. Other than the chunky shoes and boyfriend blazers, I don’t see any trends. Please, I’m begging you, just tell me what to wear.” I will say, though, some favorites have emerged: Preen, Derek Lam, Tory Burch, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Marc Jacobs, Rock & Republic. What are yours? Visit and let me know. Just remember, it’s hump day—we still have the rest of the week to go.

Feel like a Front-Row Girl at Fashion Week September 9, 2008



I know I’m probably the last girl on earth to discover, but I still have to rave about it. The site has the most unbelievable coverage of Fashion Week ever. I’ve attended many times, sweating it out for standing room, and believe me, this is better than being there. Dare I say it’s even better than Front Row (which I have experienced on very rare occasion.) And you don’t have to agonize over what to wear to the tents. Not only can you see the entire line of each show daily (along with years-past archives)—you can add pics to your look book and make notes! It’s perfect for the home designer or sewer figuring out what to create for next spring. I mean, isn’t that what we’re all doing right now? Click here to visit.