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Suzie Kondi: Designer Vintage + Sample Sale = Bliss September 25, 2008

Girl Alert! Super-talented Aussie designer Suzie Kondi is cleaning house and having one amazing sample sale. Her entire collection, including bags, belts and ready-to-wear will be available, plus her complete vintage collection, a masterpiece wardrobe accrued over 20 years and global travels. As Suzie says, “There is soooooooo much and loads of designer vintage. Really beautiful stuff.” The sale will be held in Brooklyn’s hip DUMBO area at 66 Water Street, Loft 2D on Saturday, September 27, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more info, call 917-415-6613. To see Suzie’s gorgeous ’60s- and ’70s-inspired designs, click here.


Gotta Love Designer Resale August 23, 2008

One day I will own a Chanel jacket. As you may or may not know, this runs the pocketbook about $7k , but if you’ve ever held a Chanel jacket in your hands, you’ll know why it takes 100 couture hours to make. Enter Tatiana Resale Boutique, one of the best connected NYC resale boutiques on the planet (self-described as: “high fashion at low cost.”) Sounds promising, right? And the good news is that you don’t have to live in NYC to take advantage of Tatiana’s stock. You can find it at my favorite designer den, e-bay: If you see a Chanel jacket, I’m size 4.