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Roobie Soup – Fabulous purses recycled from cigar boxes! May 27, 2009

Submitted by Marjorie Cunningham, owner of Marjorie’s Cracked Plate Jewelry and manager of the Reclaimed to Fame Market on 1000 Markets.

One of the merchants at the Reclaimed to Fame market is Roobie Soup of Orlando, Florida, who fashions fabulous purses from recycled cigar boxes.   Here’s her story:

“I have been creative my whole life… in fact I have been surrounded by creativity as well. I grew up in the south and in a college drama department.  My dad was a drama professor and I spent many an after school night in the costume designer’s (my mom) or set designer’s company. 

“I created jewelry and scrapbooked my little heart out. Then I came up with a way to put them together and show it off sort of subtly!

“Anyway, I am not one to do mass production.   I sort of get bored recreating the same old thing.     I love to alter the use of an item and create something completely different and artistic with it.   I live an “altered” life… hee hee!

“I think life should be fun and you should have ample opportunity to laugh, whether it is at yourself or the situation.”