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If the shoe doesn’t fit, stretch it! April 21, 2009

My deeply coveted Chanel ballet flats

My deeply coveted Chanel ballet flats

I waited my whole life, or so it seems, to own a pair of Chanel ballet flats. And when I bought them I promptly put them in the closet for six months, petrified to wear them. Well, when I took them out this spring for their debut, I discovered that they were too small in length! Now how did that happen? Since I seem to have a lousy mid-term memory, I cannot for the life of me recall my decision-making process for sure. (That I can’t recall a such a significant shopping experience unnerves me more than anything.) However, I believe it had something to do with the size 39 being too big, so I went, under professional advice, I’m sure, to the smaller 38.5. I wore them for a day and considered amputating my big toe in the name of fashion, before turning to the Internet for solace. Would you believe I’m not the only one?! Here’s a wonderful site with tips on breaking in my exact Chanel flats, aptly named! The advice plus all the comments from fellow sufferers is all the practical fashionista advice you will never find in a glossy fashion mag. I think I know why, but I’ll keep my advertiser-pressure opinions to myself. See it here.


Gotta Love Designer Resale August 23, 2008

One day I will own a Chanel jacket. As you may or may not know, this runs the pocketbook about $7k , but if you’ve ever held a Chanel jacket in your hands, you’ll know why it takes 100 couture hours to make. Enter Tatiana Resale Boutique, one of the best connected NYC resale boutiques on the planet (self-described as: “high fashion at low cost.”) Sounds promising, right? And the good news is that you don’t have to live in NYC to take advantage of Tatiana’s stock. You can find it at my favorite designer den, e-bay: If you see a Chanel jacket, I’m size 4.