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Best Picture: Burn After Reading January 14, 2009

burn_Now that Oscar season is upon us, I have to cast my vote for Best Picture. Basically, the Coen Brothers are just about the only people who could drag me into a movie theater. But when you throw in Frances McDormand and a movie shot in my neighborhood, that just takes the cake. For weeks we endured lousy parking while Brad and George and John cavorted in Brooklyn. Even that suffering didn’t dim my ardor. The brilliant Burn After Reading has won my nomination, although I doubt it’s even a contender. Each actor is just tremendous. I caught it on a hotel room movie system, and it’s opening in the Czech Republic next week. So if you happen to be in Prague ….  Get the facts on Burn After Reading here.

P.S. I stood next to Frances last fall at a Riverside Park stoplight while she ran in place, and I didn’t even bug her—mighty big of me since I think that she’s just about the best actor ever and also a friend of a friend. Of course, my walking buddy couldn’t resist blurting, “Hey, that’s Frances McDormand!” Argh!