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A white couch: It is possible to live with it January 18, 2009

couchI have always been a fan of the white slipcovered sofa, but I’ve never bought one for fear of … well … white. I have a huge, sloppy, often muddy golden retriever, who has lived his whole life lounging among dark leather sofas for just that reason. But in my new house, which is near the Sound, I am leaning toward the soft colors of the shore: neutrals, naturals, creams and whites. 469bbb2Rather than buy a new sofa, I bought a $50  natural slipcover from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is washable, but after spending an hour tucking and fitting that thing, the last thing I want to do is take it off. It might even shrink … horrors!

canvasSo I made this amazing new discovery in Home Depot: painter’s drop cloths! For just ten bucks, I can throw an off-white painter’s cloth over the top and voila … no more freaking out when Chipper bounds onto the sofa after a woodsy jaunt. The canvas cloth is durable and resistant to dirt, and the color has just enough oatmeal hue to hide whatever dirt lingers. I’ve used one to drape a beyond-repair bench console that Chipper chewed up as a pup. Plus it’s a great fabric to make pillows, curtains, tablecloths, etc. (Don’t know if you’ve bought any fabric lately, but it’s not cheap, and if it is cheap, it’s generally not good.) The cloth shown above is the $20 8′ x 11′ version, but there’s a $10 5′ x 8′ version in the store. Find your sanity-saving dropcloth here.

Tip: Ikea has an amazingly comfy white couch for just $399!