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One Historic Day, Plus Fashion Analysis January 21, 2009

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And on the inaugural fashion front: My friend Jennifer, a fashion editor at the Washington Post, will be dishing on inaugural style on Good Morning America today. Plus, check out this forecast from fashion blog


Yes, We Did! Hope Changes Everything November 5, 2008

Yes, it does.


Presidential Victory Speech, Part 1

Presidential Victory Speech, Part 2

Democratic Convention 2004 Keynote Speech Part 1

Democratic Convention 2004 Keynote Speech Part 2

Democratic Convention 2008 Nomination Acceptance Speech


CNN rocks the election

voteCNN and I came of age at the same time. I watched as Bernard Shaw report on the Iraq invading Kuwait from beneath a desk inside the war and as Anderson Cooper took on Katrina. As a journalist, CNN is still my go-to place for news, and on this historic election night, even more so. If you want up-to-the-minute coverage, without all the running commentary, go to


Good Luck, Barack! November 4, 2008

Ever since I saw Barack Obama’s powerful and magnetic speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, I said to myself, “That man needs to be President.” He inspired me to hope for the first time in a long time that things could be different—that we could live in a better world, where our economy and international reputation weren’t both in the same simultaneous freefall. This campaign has been harrowing at best, and I can’t recall one that’s ever been so ugly in recent years, but the amazing thing is that Barack has not only survived, but thrived, in this pre-election tumult. I can only imagine that he has inspired others in the same way that he has inspired me. I feel like I’ve been with him since that beginning of his breaking onto the national stage 4 years ago, and every step of the way has been perfectly and brilliantly executed. It’s thrilling to see someone my age (just a month apart!), who is so politically talented, have a run at the White House. I just want to say, “Good luck, Barack.”

Visit the official Obama/Biden campaign web site.