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Dub Poetry on Initiative Radio June 18, 2009

dub“Initiative Radio” has taken its’ first steps into the world of music video production with the creation of “Complex” by Dub Poet ANTON. “Complex” became a listener favorite when it was played during our three-part radio special about the Mahatma Gandhi.


Dub Poetry finds its’ roots in the dance halls of Jamaica, West Indies where poets would chant their rhymes over the B side dub versions of records. Dub Poetry is quite possibly the final frontier in the music world where artists make poignant social statements, devoid of commercial affectation. The original Dub Poet is Jamaican Oku Onuora who was born Orlando Wong.

Dub Poet ANTON is originally from Trinidad and Tobago where he has also practiced the art form Rapso. Similar to Dub Poetry in message, Rapso poets chant over Calypso based rhythms, whereas Dub Poetry has Reggae rhythms at the core. Learn more here or watch video below:


Postcard Paintings by Phung Huynh April 9, 2009

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huynh_goodfortunegluck_l1Check out this strangely lovely art by Phung Huynh. This collection is from Postcard Paintings, a 2008 exhibit at the Sam Lee Gallery. See more.


Too Cool January 7, 2009

CoolHunter BlogIt’s been around for a bit, but lest anyone forget, CoolHunter is one fab culture blog. As CoolHunter sees it, cool is a state of mind and that gives license to explore everything from music to fashion to design to books and more … so much more … like 20 categories of cool more. CoolHunter does all the traipsing about so you don’t have to, because we all know that it can be hard work to stay cool. Get cool here.


William Armstrong, Portrait Artist in Residence December 27, 2008

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artistMaybe it’s just because I’ve been reading Strapless, the story of John Singer Sargent and Madame X, but I’ve become a sucker for a great portrait artist. This past week I found one while on holiday break in Savannah, Ga. Located just off one of the city’s many charming squares, on a quaint street named Habersham, William Armstrong has one of those Parisian-style ateliers you thought just didn’t exist anymore—gallery in the front room, working studio in the back, and the artist actually in residence. Armstrong, an accomplished movie set painter, moved here following his work on “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” His web site features mainly gorgeous coastal landscapes, but I was taken by his portraits. You can see his work here, but I highly recommend a studio visit instead.


Finding FAULT: One Sexy Magazine December 24, 2008

faultmagFAULT is my new magazine love. Published quarterly, with a yearly companion limited edition hardback book, FAULT seeks out the best and newest in music, art, film and fashion like an intrepid jetsetter. Sort of like Athena, but a whole lot trendier in an I-get-out-of-the-house-a-lot, London kind of way. The art direction alone is incredibly fresh—and who even needs content when you’ve got that on your side. But you gotta love anyone who is actively seeking our next generation of artists. See FAULT here.


Ecologically-Sound Baubles October 1, 2008

For the ultimate in green jewelry, check out Italian-born Patrizia Iacino’s cocktail-worthy rings made from the recycled rubberbands off broccoli bunches and glam necklaces fashioned from milkcaps. Trained in Florence as an architect and now a New York City dweller, Iacino began creating recycled jewelry about a year ago. Mixing recycled items with precious metals, stones and pearls, the result is truly stunning. Check out Patrizia’s fab jewelry here.


Where’s Frida? September 29, 2008

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A major exhibit tour celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Frida Kahlo’s birth just closed today after stops in Minneapolis, Philadelphia and finally San Francisco, but you can still get your Frida fix, by checking this site that compiles all things Frida, including new books and shows around the world. Iceland, anyone?


Beads, Glorious Beads September 22, 2008

Anastasia of Anastasia Beads does the most extraordinary glasswork, whether it’s her fabulous focals, her gorgeous jewelery sets or her amazing beads. Each piece, no matter how large or small, is like an intricate, glass-spun universe unto itself. Although I’m a creative person myself (I design clothes and sew), I simply can’t imagine fashioning glass into these objets d’art. See it for yourself.


Marilyn is One Hot Jazz Bombshell September 20, 2008

If you’re going to let Marilyn drag you out, don’t count on getting home anytime early and plan on having the time of your life. Marilyn Kleinberg came of age in New York City’s brilliant West Village ’70s jazz scene  and knows exactly where to find what’s left of it. She knows everyone and is an amazing jazz singer herself. Tonight, we went to the Fat Cat, which to me is about as close to a West Village smokey jazz cave as you’ll get these days. You may not have caught her set the other night at Sweet Rhythm, but you can order her CD here or email her at: Prepare to be blown away.


Watch This! “Editing is cool” and “It’s a Woman Thang” September 16, 2008

Here are two great music videos, “Editing is Cool” and “It’s a Woman Thang” from a Facebook friend, Allee Willis. I just love them both. Allee is pretty darned inspiring. (Tip: If you click through to YouTube and click the “watch in high quality” link above the # of views you’ll see more detail.) When I came across this video, I had no idea that Allee wrote Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September”, which is my favorite song ever in the whole world. But I’m not at all surprised.