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Anne D. Krum, Jan. 18, 1904 – Mar. 17, 2009, Oldest Person on Facebook March 20, 2009

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I just love inspiring stories of women like this. That’s just how I want to be at 105. Following is a note from a friend of Anne.

Two and half years ago I walked into Anne D. Krum’s life and was changed forever. My work as a TideWell Hospice volunteer in the Transitions program brought our paths together. Once a week, I met with Anne and we would paint in her studio, looking out on blooming flowers, surrounded by tall trees filled with chirping birds, and listen to the wind chimes striking when the gentle afternoon breezes would blow through.

I’m glad she liked me. It wasn’t so with some of the other caregivers. She had a strong opinion, a strong will…a bit of stubbornness in it all. That’s probably why she lived to be 105. She became quite a celebrity in those years. A TideWell calendar featured her art, TV crews came to interview her, she was the oldest person on FaceBook. She rose to every occasion with strength and dignity.

I’ll miss Anne. We would sit for hours just talking about everything. Family was everything to her, and there wasn’t a visit that she didn’t ask about my kids, my husband and my dog.

She painted and drew until the very end. Literally. When she could no longer walk to her studio, she would sit in bed and sketch. Just 4 days ago, I brought her some washable markers, bright colors for her to include in her black and white line drawings. And tonight, when I said my last goodbye, there was her sketch book, with a page full of color images that she was working on earlier in the day!

One of her grandkids put a picture of the energizer bunny on her door. She kept going and going, but tonight her battery finally ran out.

What a woman!
What a life.


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