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A short story about Nova Scotia September 21, 2009

typewriterIn my ongoing love affair with Nova Scotia, which I am convinced is my true home, here’s short story from


Is there a manuscript up there on your shelf? August 5, 2009 wants to post ONE unpublished entire novel by Dec.1/09 for at least the following 6 months. Send the FIRST 30 PAGES (10,000 words) of your e-manuscript and within 60 days you’ll hear if Anderbo wants to see more. NO READING FEE; all literary rights remain with the author. No submissions after Sept.1. Anderbo will pay $300 to the author upon winning novel’s posting.


Nice guys finish tops: The case of the gentlemanly editor June 23, 2009

0907galassiarticle“If you’re anything like the writers I meet at conferences and MFA programs, the word sweet probably isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of the head of a major New York publishing house. I hear a lot of other words (many of them unprintable in a wholesome writer’s magazine), but the takeaway is often the same: They are snakes in suits whose only loyalty is to the bottom line. While it’s true that such creatures exist—I could tell you stories—they are far less common than you might think.

Take the case of Jonathan Galassi, president and publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, who got where he is, in part, by being one of the most gentlemanly editors in the business.”  Read more from this Poets and Writers article …

This article found through a tip from writer Rick Rofihe of


Fiction from Rick Rofihe/ April 15, 2009

typewriterThis Rick Rofihe story appeared in the hard-to-find “orange” issue of SWINK–their last print edition.

New short fiction online at March 8, 2009

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typewriterRead the latest on, short fiction from Maria ModrovichBRATISLAVA. You’ll find lots of great reads on this literary website. It’s marvelous way to stay in touch with new writers and writing. As said: “Anderbo stories are perfect for a quick coffee break in your cubicle.”