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New Digital mag from The Fashion Birdcage August 13, 2009

insaneThe wonderful fashion maven Enkha from Australia has a new digital fashion mag. It’s fabulous, darlings. Check it out!

There are huge changes going on @ TFB … firstly, we are launching our very first exciting bi-monthly online magazine issue  during the first week in August.  We will be continuing with the blog, naturally, but you will be required to click on THE FASHION BIRDCAGE IMAGE on the BLOG page, and it will redirect you to our blog’s new home. Read more …

Read Ehka’s blog.


The power of yarn August 7, 2009

yarn3From one of my favorite knitting blogs:

During our recent move, I found a box of yarn that I had been using to make afghans that I forgot about – not surprising, right? We managed to locate a local church that accepted items for women (some with children) who lost their homes and we stopped by with a few items. The organizers were thrilled when they saw the yarn. Their enthusiasm came as a surprise at first. Previous donations at other places never created this kind of joy. They reminded me that it wasn’t just yarn – it was a chance to create a present for the holidays, a much needed sweater for a child, an afghan for the winter, or to create something wonderful to sell and that the donation of yarn had reached the perfect home. Hooray! Just a little reminder for us all to share our new found yarn and a season of mindful kniting and crochet.

Marg (grateful, gleeful, and groovin’ to the power of yarn)

Read more of this blog …


Loran Scrugs – Recycled art toys & whistles July 27, 2009

Submitted by Marjorie Cunningham, owner of Marjorie’s Cracked Plate Jewelry and manager of the Reclaimed to Fame Market on 1000 Markets.

Meet Loran Scruggs who designs marvelous fun art toys and whistles from tin cans, bottle caps and found objects!  Loran is one of the newest merchants in the Reclaimed to Fame Market.  Her shop can be found at

Loran has been making things since her earliest memory of making a dragonfly out of smartie (candy) wrappers.  And to this day she is still using food packaging in her art.  She makes whimsical toys, art and whistles from colorful tin cans, bottle caps and found objects.  She enjoys how time stops when she is in the ‘flow’ of creation.  She says “I’m interested in joy.  Color is joyous for me so I use painted tin cans for their color and glint.  A lot of my work reference childhood and play, for myself play is a time of being in the moment, no past or future worries, a time of joy.  I hope that my work puts an amused smile on peoples faces, for when we smile we are in the moment, engaged, attentive and happy.”


Valentino movie takes Midwest by storm, still going strong July 19, 2009

A wonderful note about the success of the Valentino movie, but what touched me was that it opened in both Columbia, Mo., and Des Moines, Iowa, two small Midwestern cities I once inhabited. Brava, Columbia and Des Moines!

valentinoDear Friends & Fans,

After a very strong first weekend in CANADA, we are happy to announce that we’re adding more screens in TORONTO (now also at AMC Winston Churchill and AMC Kennedy Commons) and MONTREAL (now also at Cinema Fortune Cavendish). Check the full listing of all 7 theaters on our website.

In the U.S., while still going strong in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES after almost 4 months, Valentino continues to fill art houses around the country: This week WILTON, NH, and COLUMBIA, MO, are added to the list. And IOWANS, who so boldly embraced gay marriage a few months ago, can rush to the Varsity Theater in DES MOINES to learn a few lessons about longevity in relationships from the Italian couturier!

And that’s not all! We have a great program for the rest of the summer, which includes engagements in LAS VEGAS, MARTHA’S VINEYARD, THE VILLAGES in FLORIDA, ORLANDO, ESTERO, TEMPE, SACO, ELLSWORTH and return engagements to PALM SPRINGS and CHICAGO. See the list of all upcoming cities below or at

Have a great weekend!

“What is the difference between good style and trash?
Darling, I have no idea!” -Joan Collins

The Valentino Team


Bags Plus More: Made With Simplicity July 15, 2009

Submitted by Marjorie Cunningham, owner of Marjorie’s Cracked Plate Jewelry and manager of the Reclaimed to Fame Market.

Catherine Kaczanowski is the owner of Bags Plus More and is a member of the Reclaimed to Fame Market.  She designs fabulous tote bags, shoulder bags and plastic bag holders from recycled materials.

“My sewing bags, etc. all started a few years ago when my nephew’s school was having a fund raising bazaar. My sister-in-law (nephew’s mother) is an interior decorator and asked if I could sew up some items to sell. Well, the totes, etc. began! The bazaar was a success! This was two years ago. The school no longer has the bazaar, but I have continued sewing and selling at craft shows when I can and online. I also make donations to our local Physically Challenged Developmental Site, Cancer Centers and Nursing Homes.

“I use upcycled interior decorating fabric samples from my sister-in-law’s business. Instead of throwing these items to landfills, I reuse them to make useful handmade items. All items are double stitched with a zigzag finish. I keep it simple, durable, washable, and useful!”


The Model as Muse exhibit at the Met July 11, 2009

model_as_muse_bigHurry on over to the Met before this show closes. I went with my FIT gal pals last night, and if you have an interest in either magazine or fashion history, this is a wonderful eye candy walk through the mid-20th century to now. What’s most wonderful about the show is that they have brought in the real designer garments (Balenciaga, Dior and more) that were featured in spreads, along with a pictorial history of fashion shooting through the decades. Plus, you have the music of each era in each section, so it literally is a walk down memory lane. See is through August 9. Learn more …

Cheap tip: Go on Friday night. The museum is open until 9 and it’s perfectly kosher to pay $1 admission, even though the usual fee is $20.


Smocking: Everything you wanted to know July 6, 2009

smockLast week in my haute couture embellishments class we learned hand-smocking, and oddly, it’s a skill that I took to right away. It’s not the smocking is anything to mock—it’s just not something I considered myself to have an affinity for. But as my professor, Kenneth D. King, pointed out with great practicality, I can do it on the train. I’ve found a great link on smocking, but it includes a machine pleater.

smock2If you prefer to pleat by hand, it’s easy. Mark a dotted grid on your fabric piece to be smocked, spacing dots 1/2 – 1 inch apart. Then sew a running stitch along each horizontal line in the grid, connecting the dots. Once you’ve stitched the parallel lines, pull the threads to gather the fabric into pleats. You can anchor 2-3 threads with a figure-8 shape around a pin. You’re ready to start smocking. Learn the technique here.


Recycled by Hyena: Fab clothing & accessories! July 2, 2009

Submitted by Marjorie Cunningham, owner of Marjorie’s Cracked Plate Jewelry and manager of the Reclaimed to Fame Market.

For fabulously unique recycled clothing, look no further than Hyena at 1000 Markets!  She carries recycled clothing, bags and accessories and is a valued member of the Reclaimed to Fame Market.  She’s kindly taken the time to give us an exclusive interview.

Q. Where did the name of your business, Recycled by Hyena, come from?

A. When I was 16, Hyena was my nickname, inspired from Siouxsie album’s Hyaena.  It was a perfect animal in my mind to be associated with an recycling business. Hyenas are scavangers therefore natural recyclers, recycling and eating what other animals have left over.

Q. I noticed the following slogan in your 1000 Markets shop: “Handmadeness is an antidepressant”. In what ways do you find this to be true?

A. Designing and making things all by yourself not only gives you a deep and satisfying feeling of accomplishment but it also allows you to focus your mind on something “neutral”. This is for me the best antidepressant, without even speaking of all the great aspects of recycling.

Q. How long have you been designing recycled products and when did you actually decide to start selling them? Have you had any formal training?

A. I have a master in visual arts and I am a photographer. Even though I always had interest for fashion and costume history, I never planned in becoming a clothing designer or a seamtress.

When I arrived in USA in 2002, I was totally broke. I also had trouble finding clothing my size. So I bought a sewing machine and started to teach myself how to sew. It quickly became a passion.

After awhile, I felt like trying and selling my designs. It was in 2005 and I sold right away. It was a great encouragement and I haven’t stopped since.

Q. What inspires you to create? Do you have any role models in the fashion field?

A. I don’t really have role models. I am mainly inspired by strong personalities and clever people. In the fashion world, my favorite designers are French or Japanese. On top of my head, I could say: Marc Le Bihan, Marithée+François Girbaud and Yohji Yamamoto.

As for my inspiration, it really comes from a lot of things: the complexity of nature, the incredible array of colors, history or literature.

Q. What advice can you give to aspiring designers just starting out in business?

A. Follow your heart. Work hard. Be a perfectionist.

Q. In what ways do you recycle in other areas of your life?

A. I use recycled paper for almost everything and natural products in the house. I buy mostly second hand products. Mainly my ethic is to use products and items that can go back in the cycle without too much processing or that can go directly into nature without harming it in any way. It requires research and knowledge but there are more and more good website and guides out there.

Q. What do you like about being a merchant at 1000 Markets?

A. I still have to sell something there, but I really like the clear cut design of the whole site, the easy way to list, the market system.

Q. Do you sell anywhere else?

A. I sell on my own website and on etsy, dawanda and Smashing Darling.

Q. Where do you see “Recycled by Hyena” five years from now?

A. It is growing slowly and I like it like that. I really enjoy what I do, each moment and step of it, even when I complain!

I wouldn’t want to have to compromise any step of my creation to a fast and maybe short lived success.

I love what I do because it is fitting my way of life and it is a good answer to my desire to respect the earth and the environment. I want to keep that authenticity.



Finder’s Flea: Brooklyn Weekend Flea Markets June 18, 2009

Here are two new favorite flea markets that happen in Brooklyn each weekend:

TONY BoothThe Brooklyn Bridge Flea is every Sunday, 11am-6pm.

The Fort Greene Flea is every Saturday, 10am-5pm (this one is really the bomb!)

For more info, click here.


Glam Girl Hair Clips June 15, 2009

retroglamourgirlJust discovered on these adorable pin-up girl hair clips at, created by a glam girl model (shown modeling her clips here). The clips are big and floral and absolutely adorable. Plus, you can find other glam girl products for your pin-up personna. See it here.