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North American Smocking: The easy and elegant way to gather July 9, 2009

While we were learning the traditional smocking, we also learned a quick form of smocking, no doubt developed by resourceful pioneers short on supplies. Check it out:

cansmockCanadian (aka North American) smocking is a very quick and easy way to elegantly gather fabric. Use it in home dec projects, accessories, bags, or clothing.

You can find Canadian smocking in the SavvySeams Tudor Rose Purse pattern. You can find some examples of beautiful costumes that use Canadian smocking at the Padawan’s Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costuming. Check out Padme’s nightdress and robe in particular.

Learn North American smocking here …


Out L.A. Way: Babe and Brides

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babesIf you happen to be out NOHO way in L.A. in late July through August, check out Babes and Brides featuring supertalented friend of friend Dave Shalansky:

Asa Holley & Evan Olman Present

Babes and Brides by Eric Berlin

Directed by Marc Morales

Two One Act Plays: In the first of these one act comedies, The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes And How It Can Work for You!, six people in a bar search for companionship, a one night stand or a life-long relationship.

In the second act The Midnight Moonlight Wedding Chapel, Peter and Walter are vacationing in Las Vegas. Peter gets drunk with a cocktail waitress and they decide to marry, enjoy a one night honeymoon, and divorce the next day, but marriage just isn’t that easy.

Starring in Alphabetical Order

Jennifer Flynn / Heather Fox* / Asa Holley / Julie Mann / Evan Olman / G.O. Parsons ) / Dave Shalansky

July 24 – August 29
Show Times
Friday and Saturday at 8PM
Price $15.00