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Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood: Storytelling NYC Style July 3, 2009

steigtopnavMr. Beller’s Neighborhood began publishing in the Spring of 2000 and has so far published over a thousand pieces of original writing. In 2002 it was nominated for a Webby Award in the Print and Zine category. That same year, a collection of selected pieces from the site appeared in book form,
Before and After: Stories from New York. Another anthology is in the works.

Illo by Elisha CooperThe site combines a magazine with a map. It uses the external, familiar landscape of New York City as a way of organizing the wildly internal, often unfamiliar emotional landscapes of the city dweller. Visit Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

For a funny tale by Rick Rofihe of, click here.


One Response to “Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood: Storytelling NYC Style”

  1. Rick Rofihe Says:

    My favorite Mr. Beller’s piece is “The Parakeet Book”, by Josh Kramer —
    Josh, a former writing student of mine, was the producer of “Night Falls on Manhattan” starring Andy Garcia & James Gandolfini, and, earlier, of the Roman Polanski-directed “Death and the Maiden” with Sigourney Weaver & Ben Kingsley.

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