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The most practical bejeweled sandals May 16, 2009

Best all around sandal, for just $50.

Best all around sandal, for just $50.

I was up at Bergdorf’s on Fifth Avenue drooling over the $2000 Oscar de la Renta dresses. (Apparently, no one told these customers about the recession.) Of course, since I’m getting my haute couture certificate, I was surreptitiously turning garments inside out to inspect the techniques. It’s my favorite kind of covert shopping and the sort that fills you up with sumptuousness without spending anything at all.

Next I dawdled my way down to the second floor shoe store, where I found something truly obscene: $500 sandals! Now there are many items I can envision spending $500 on, but little nothing wisps of barely there designer sandals that look like they couldn’t survive one outing to a Hamptons farmer’s market are not it. Much better is this new pair of faux jeweled Birkenstock-knockoffs that I found at Aerosoles, perfect for hoofing it around town. For some reason, I can’t wear the real Birkenstocks; they kill my feet. Nor, in spite of spirited efforts, are Birkenstocks as girly as I like. But these bronze beauties with big rhinestone-studded circles are perfect and the $50 on sale pricetag is easy on the wallet. Best of all, they have arch support, always desirable. Pretty, practical and durable: what more could you want from a sandal? With a little draped Grecian-style mini dress, they are downright sexy. Take that, you Christian Louboutin flip-flops. Get your summerstock sandal here.