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THE WIFE: The Chanel Ballet Flats Saga (cont.) May 14, 2009

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taryntitleWhat working girl doesn’t occasionally wish that she could lapse into the fantasy life of just being a WIFE? You know, run the house; decorate; manage the menus and nannies; plan the entertaining; do charity work; stock the closet and so forth. Since almost all of us gals, single or no, are working these days, this is definitely a fantasy.

chanel2At the risk of being terribly politically incorrect, I want to point you to a new blog: THE WIFE, where you get all sorts of practical advice on how to be a classic and elegant housewife. And of course, my favorite post is on the Chanel ballet flat and its indispensability in every housewife’s closet.  So like the supposed impossibility of marrying after 40 and winning the lottery, we may never be WIVES, but preparation is key. Because, hey, you never know. Study being a WIFE here.


2 Responses to “THE WIFE: The Chanel Ballet Flats Saga (cont.)”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I enjoyed looking through this; thanks!

  2. Coral Says:

    Oh, I wanted to like the Wife blog but she doesn’t spell very well. Also, I’m afraid she’s a little too young to pull off what she’s trying to do with the blog. Give her 5 years and a few college level English classes, though, and I could see her making it work.

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