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Calling all Bollywood Fans May 11, 2009

BachchanAt least once a week, my husband and I head to Curry in a Hurry at 28th and Lex in Manhattan for a $25 Indian dinner—that’s the total cost for two people! We carry our trays gingerly upstairs and eat great, cheap curry while watch one Bollywood dance number after another on the big screen TV. In my next life, I want to dance in a Bollywood music video.

Well, here’s your big chance to be an extra in a Bollywood film:  Recently, I received an FB email that K-Z was seeking  200 extras for a Bollywood film in London called “Veer,” starring Salman Khan. That chance is gone (they shot it yesterday), but for other opportunities see texting instructions below. here’s the ad:

* You get to star in a film with a Bollywood superstar
* Receive a certificate
*Given more opportunities for future projects

*Can’t sleep in on a Sunday morning (5:30 a.m. call)
*Expenses only covered + meal provided

For more information please text KZE (space) EXTRA to 82055. Text costs £1.50.

Please bear in mind once you text, you will be provided the information and also asked to register with KZ Entertainment FREE of charge for projects.

Question: Why are we charging £1.50 per text message?

Answer : There are a lot of people who waste time in this line of work, as people make promises to attend but do not show up on the day. This gives the company providing the extra’s a bad image and they do not get hired again by the casting directors. This way we only select the people who are committed and interested in the work.

To join the BigB Facebook Group, click here.

Don’t know if this really works, but hey, it’s your shot at making Bollywood history. Let me know if you learn any cool line dances.