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Yellow is More Fashionable Than Ever April 18, 2009

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Excerpted from iFashion Network

Yellow is more Fashionable than ever
By Catherine Shen

Apr 14

Black is considered to be one of those colors that looks good on just about anyone. One would never think you could go wrong with a basic color like the trusty dark hue. But since spring has arrived, the color black should be settled behind the closet and a new color should be making a splash amongst your wardrobe: Yellow.

Now, yellow is considered to be one of those colors that people usually don’t imagine themselves pulling off. But surprisingly, most of us don’t realize we can really pull off any color, we just have to find the right shade that compliments with our skin and hair color.

Courtesy of LA times

Courtesy of LA times

Courtesy of LA times

Courtesy of LA times

The color wheel is endless. Yellow isn’t limited to what’s in your kindergarten crayon box. There are shades in so many different lights you are bound to find the perfect fit. You just need to experiment, broaden that horizon. But if you’re still timid, that’s okay too. Start off small with a scarf or a piece of jewelry. Baby steps is key to a beginning of boldness. Just don’t forget, when playing around with a color as cheery as yellow, pair it off with another color that tones it down a notch, like your trusty sidekick black, or earthy colors like brown or gray.

Spring into the future with a positive light, don’t let yellow daunt your bright spirit!


Courtesy of LA times


Courtesy of LA times


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