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New Handmade Directory April 16, 2009

newbannerfinl1The new Handmade Directory is now up and running over on Handmadeology. This is your chance to add your shop, blog, and Twitter channel to a Page Rank 4 site, creating a great back link that Google will love. See it here.


5 Responses to “New Handmade Directory”

  1. I specialize in all things laser cut with paper, chipboard, and some wood. Have a special need? Send me an email. Check out my site. I have many laser-cut cards for all seasons and some for just because….. They are very pretty and intricate with details. Thanks for looking….AND have a great day.

  2. springcolors Says:

    Handmade unique beaded jewelry and beaded art.

  3. Monicaj Says:

    Artwork, freeform crochet, baby dresses, bloomers and hats, etc.
    Also: for jewelry!

  4. PickleBerries features brightly colored wearable art items made with fused glass. Expect to find ponytail holders, earrings and pendants. Most pieces feature millefiori, which resemble little flowers. Please stop by and take a peek to see which wee glass garden bouquets would be the perfect adornment.

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