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Life is a Cabaret March 21, 2009

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Anne D. Krum, Jan. 18, 1904 – Mar. 17, 2009, Oldest Person on Facebook March 20, 2009

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I just love inspiring stories of women like this. That’s just how I want to be at 105. Following is a note from a friend of Anne.

Two and half years ago I walked into Anne D. Krum’s life and was changed forever. My work as a TideWell Hospice volunteer in the Transitions program brought our paths together. Once a week, I met with Anne and we would paint in her studio, looking out on blooming flowers, surrounded by tall trees filled with chirping birds, and listen to the wind chimes striking when the gentle afternoon breezes would blow through.

I’m glad she liked me. It wasn’t so with some of the other caregivers. She had a strong opinion, a strong will…a bit of stubbornness in it all. That’s probably why she lived to be 105. She became quite a celebrity in those years. A TideWell calendar featured her art, TV crews came to interview her, she was the oldest person on FaceBook. She rose to every occasion with strength and dignity.

I’ll miss Anne. We would sit for hours just talking about everything. Family was everything to her, and there wasn’t a visit that she didn’t ask about my kids, my husband and my dog.

She painted and drew until the very end. Literally. When she could no longer walk to her studio, she would sit in bed and sketch. Just 4 days ago, I brought her some washable markers, bright colors for her to include in her black and white line drawings. And tonight, when I said my last goodbye, there was her sketch book, with a page full of color images that she was working on earlier in the day!

One of her grandkids put a picture of the energizer bunny on her door. She kept going and going, but tonight her battery finally ran out.

What a woman!
What a life.


Learn more about Anne.


DaDa’s not dead yet March 19, 2009

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Excerpted from Three Rooms Press blog:

dadaIt’s back! And better than ever. The second annual edition of the very special one-night-only DaDa Poetry Salon, with DaDa hostess Kat Georges! Wear your favorite Dada fashion, bring your Dada-inspired poetry for the open reading (sign up at 5:45, limited spaces available!).

Featured guest poets will include DaDa superstars including boxer/poet Arthur Cravan and dada manifesto creator Tristan Tzara, brought back to life for this special event. Plus the unveiling of a Dada performance play by some of your favorite Son of a Pony poets. Plus: the return of the controversial City Scum Shot duo.

The first 50 people will receive a free copy of the inaugural and only issue of Maintenant Trois (inspired by Arthur Cravan’s 1915 Maintenant magazine, which was the first ’zine ever). Prepare for irreverant art and an evening that will challenge your ideas about the nature and necessity of creation in a world suffering the ongoing effects of an “economic Pearl Harbor.”

Doors open 5:45. Admission $7 includes free drink. Cornelia St. Cafe is at 29 Cornelia St. between W. 4th St. & Bleecker. Close to many trains at W. 4th St. station: A-B-C-D-E-F-V. So, Yes We Can get there. Do so…

Learn more.


The Future is now: Spray on Fabric March 18, 2009

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fabricanltd-comIf you wanted to know what they’ll think of next, they thought of it: spray-on fabric. This creates a whole new wrinkle for designers, no? Learn more.


Dressing the McQueen Way … March 17, 2009

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Dressing The McQueen Way …

Picture Source

The son of a taxi driver, East Londoner Alexander McQueen didn’t begin his life with a slew of connections in the fashion world. Instead, it was his incredible imagination coupled with his indisputable abilities as a designer that put him on the fast track to fame. Now hailed as one of the most creative designers alive today, style icon Alexander McQueen is notorious for his theatrical runway shows that elevate fashion to the level of art.

I remember when McQueen first made his debut way back in the early 90s, I knew that fashion would never be the same again. And it hasn’t.

Just like Westwood before him, McQueen with his distinct aesthetic and theatrical presence on the catwalk, has brought in the much-needed element of fun.

Indeed, his reputation has partly been built on his unwillingness to conform to the norm, and his repeated demonstrations of how true style is about cultivating individuality. Before graduating with a master’s from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Alexander McQueen cut his teeth at Savile Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard, where it is rumored that he routinely graffitied profanities into linings intended for Prince Charles’ suits.

You can read the full Alexander McQueen article @ AskMen.Com ….

Via AskMen.Com


Marc Jacobs / Louis Vuitton in Paris March 16, 2009

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louis-vuitton011Marc Jacobs did it up right for Louis Vuitton in Paris this season, with a celebratory mix of Paris meets harlequin.

See it here.


A mat is a mat is a mat, right? Wrong March 15, 2009

yogaA mat is a mat is a mat when it comes to yoga, right? supported_causes2Well, not really. JadeYoga Harmony mats are the rubber mat with a conscience. Jade started out as a rug mat company and made mats for select yogis. It’s ironic because apparently the the first yoga mat was a rug pad. As the story goes, my personal favorite yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar was in the United States doing a demonstration on an Oriental rug, but he was slipping. So a student took away the rug—leaving the pad and the first yoga mat. JadeYoga mats are the first eco-friendly natural rubber developed for yogi, which has much better grip than slippery PVC mats. Today, for every mat that is purchased, a tree is planted and yoga is brought to needy populations, like shelters in West Africa and Indianapolis. Plus, you’ll learn 25 things to do with your old mat. Who knew? Learn more.


Now that’s a sofa March 14, 2009

bantamEvery time I walk into Design within Reach, I think that it’s definitely not within my reach. But I love their stuff and fantasize a whole life I could develop around their furnishings. armchairSo I asked my friend Adrian, who works in sales at DWR what her favorite piece is, and she went on and on and got all poetic (which makes sense, because she’s also a poet) about the Bantam sofa. It elegant, comfortable, well-made, with the sweetest little trim legs … and affordable. That’s right, I looked it up the web site, and Bantams are starting at $1500 these days. And the Bantam armchair is just as sweet. Not bad for a little mid-century modern on a budget. Look up Adrian at the NYC Flatiron store, and she’ll hook you up.


Valentino: The Last Emperor March 12, 2009

valentinoIn my draping certificate final project last year, I dubbed my collection, “Ode to Valentino,” and I spent many joyous hours researching Valentino’s work and life in the FIT library. Not only did the man fashion amazing garments—he had an amazing life. And next week, “Valentino, The Last Emperor” will make its U.S. debut at New York City’s Film Forum and then open in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas. At last, we’ll get an intimate glimpse of one of Italy’s richest and most famous men and explore his unique relationship with his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti. I can’t wait! Learn more.


iPod shuffle: Small is the new big

mainLet everyone else have their full-size iPods and iPhones. I, for one, love the iPod shuffle, for its size, simplicity and price. And now it’s gotten even better with the newest version: 1000 songs and 4GB. Really, do you need any more than that? And it’s so small (no bigger than a key) that you know for sure the subway mugger will snag the big old iPod flaunted by the label-snob consumer next to you long before discovering or caring that this tiny box of happiness and loud-convo muffler is clipped to your lapel. Now with free engraving and voice-over capability. I can never find prices on the Apple site, but I paid $50 for mine. Get small here.