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Queen of the Night Regine Choukroun March 29, 2009

regine51Long before Studio 54, Regine Choukroun built her nightclub dynasty starting with Chez Regine in Paris in 1956 with what was called the first discotheque. Catering to an international jet set of royalty and A-list celebs and offering gold membership cards and the invention of bottle service, the flaming-red-haired Regine went on to brand herself and open 19 clubs all over the world for the next 50 years. Now in her 70s, she’s focusing on her music career, but from her abandoned orphan beginnings and her career launch as a hat-check girl who persuaded a Rothschild to finance her first venture, Regine so far has lived the life. If nothing else, you gotta love a woman who grounds a Paris/Miami flight for refusing to put her cigarette out. Read more.