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A mat is a mat is a mat, right? Wrong March 15, 2009

yogaA mat is a mat is a mat when it comes to yoga, right? supported_causes2Well, not really. JadeYoga Harmony mats are the rubber mat with a conscience. Jade started out as a rug mat company and made mats for select yogis. It’s ironic because apparently the the first yoga mat was a rug pad. As the story goes, my personal favorite yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar was in the United States doing a demonstration on an Oriental rug, but he was slipping. So a student took away the rug—leaving the pad and the first yoga mat. JadeYoga mats are the first eco-friendly natural rubber developed for yogi, which has much better grip than slippery PVC mats. Today, for every mat that is purchased, a tree is planted and yoga is brought to needy populations, like shelters in West Africa and Indianapolis. Plus, you’ll learn 25 things to do with your old mat. Who knew? Learn more.