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Now that’s a sofa March 14, 2009

bantamEvery time I walk into Design within Reach, I think that it’s definitely not within my reach. But I love their stuff and fantasize a whole life I could develop around their furnishings. armchairSo I asked my friend Adrian, who works in sales at DWR what her favorite piece is, and she went on and on and got all poetic (which makes sense, because she’s also a poet) about the Bantam sofa. It elegant, comfortable, well-made, with the sweetest little trim legs … and affordable. That’s right, I looked it up the web site, and Bantams are starting at $1500 these days. And the Bantam armchair is just as sweet. Not bad for a little mid-century modern on a budget. Look up Adrian at the NYC Flatiron store, and she’ll hook you up.