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Easy Haute Couture Sewing Class: Make your own piping March 7, 2009

coveringcordingLast week I was learning about all sorts of hems, including the bias-faced hem with piping and faced hem with piping, and of course, since we are a couture class, we make our own piping. It’s the easiest and most wondrous thing, and all you need is a strip of bias fabric and some cording. We’ve all seen piping on slipcovers and throw pillows, but as a hemline edge, it can’t be beat for adding a little structure to a skirt, sleeve, neckline or whatever sort of edge you want to stiffen and embellish. I’ve gone into a piping and facing frenzy, and I’m quite sure I’ll be using it any chance I get.

While I can’t vouch for their taste in projects, technique-wise here is a wonderful primer on making cording.

Haute Couture Tip: The key to perfect cording (as with anything couture) is the basting. Run a basting line down the center of the bias strip and line up your cord along that basting line to keep it centered as you sew. Don’t pin, except one pin at the beginning until you get it secure under the zipper foot (unlike pic above).