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Totally Handmade: New By Hand Website March 2, 2009

The following is excerpted from one of my favorite websites, Wickedly Chic, which effortlessly combines shopping and indie, handmade culture—a perfect blend, in my opinion. (Their tagline, “Independent Shopping for the Wickedly Fashionable” says it all, doesn’t it?)

By Liz Nonnemacher, Editor-in-Chief, Wickedly Chic

byhandI’d like to introduce a unique new website to Wickedly Chic readers. ByHand is the creation of husband & wife team, Adam & Rebecca. I’m just starting to play around with it and there are so many cool features for both sellers & shoppers. Let’s talk to Rebecca and find out more about ByHand.

What is ByHand?

It’s a social community for handmade artists AND handmade buyers created with the purpose of putting the personal back into handmade. It is NOT venue specific. We have an artisan directory where anyone who creates handmade can list themselves for free and it allows them to list all the venues they sell on whether it’s Etsy, Artfire, Silkfair, Dawanda, their own website or anywhere else that they sell their items. My husband feels very lucky to have a stable job in this economy when so many don’t…so this is how he felt he could give back. We are paying for everything for the site out of our pockets including the new server and back up external drive we just purchased.

What are some of the features that ByHand can offer both buyers & sellers?

Our big key feature right now is what we call Spotlights. Basically they
are like Etsy’s treasuries … but you can add products from any selling venue we have listed (Made it Myself, Zibbet, SilkFair, 1000 Markets, Dawanda, ArtFire, Etsy & ShopHandmade). A user creates a Spotlight using any 9 items from these venues. The Spotlights are archived forever and never disappear unless the user deletes them. You can click on every product in the Spotlights section and it takes you straight to that product’s page..wherever it may be. Now what’s even better is that Spotlights show up not only on the ByHand site, but you can use a code we provide to post them to your blog or social community as well. There are javascript and flash versions depending on what works on the external site and different sizes and layouts offered as well!

Do you have other features to offer buyers & sellers?

Yes, we do. We have a Community Blog where users who set up an account (remember…it’s free) can post and we also have a Chat feature. There’s a complete listing of Artisans that have joined us at ByHand and a Clubhouse where you can join groups or create your own. There are many opportunities for the seller to showcase their items and for buyers to find cool stuff to spend their money on!

Who are some of the sellers that you have on ByHand?

Here’s a short list of some of our fabulous sellers:

Mama’s Little Monkeys (Custom gifts for mom, baby & more).

Heather Knitz (Unique rag bags and rag bag kits. Sassy hair and jewelry accessories. Funky art and crafting supplies. DIY patterns and tutorials).

Peaches and Kream (jewelry & needle felted items).

Infinite Vision Photography (photography).

BeachyRustica Practical Art (furniture knobs & hooks).

LiberTEAS (tea).

Splashin (handpainted clothing).

Broken Hallelujah (crocheted accessories).

Weird Bug Lady (plush bugs, spiders, reptiles, etc.)

Timothy Adam Designs (metal)

Lumina Jewelry (affordable jewelry)

Tilley Jewels (fairytale jewels for the everyday princess).

BookWormz (stylish bookmarks).

Be sure to take a look at ByHand today & find more great artists….and if you have a shop yourself, why not join & promote your products?


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