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I have a new superhero in my neighborhood January 10, 2009

Meet Thunderman. (Thank goodness. Those strollers are really lethal.)


Pepper and Pistol: Babylon Summer ’09 January 9, 2009

PEPPER AND PISTOL: Babylon Summer 09

The creative genius behind the German cult label, PEPPER AND PISTOL, Silvia Hillmann and Katrin Wiens have produced yet another amazing collection titled Babylon.

Silvia Hillmann’s background in fashion includes working with world renowned designers such as Boudicca in London, and several up-and-coming brands in New York. Katrin Wiens has an extensive background in the field of graphic design. Katrin created textiles for the like of Just Cavalli, Heatherette, and Calvin Klein.

The name PEPPER AND PISTOL derives from a German tale that is both scary and amusing and reflects the fact of combining two different elements: Fashion + Graphic to trigger something new and wickedly wonderful.

PEPPER AND PISTOL is a womenswear line focusing on custom prints and feminine cuts, created with shiny soft silks, airy voiles and jerseys – all with a definite love for detail and finish.

Visit Pepper and Pistol


Very Vintage Sewing Patterns on Sale January 8, 2009

vintagepatternsI have a huge confession to make: I am a hoarder of sewing patterns. My stash adds up to hundreds of patterns, and I even purchased an huge old Simplicity pattern cabinet to store them. It’s full. Of course, I’ll never make even a small percentage of these patterns. I just like to look at them and dream about each garment. Vintage patterns are my favorite, and I’m constantly haunting flea markets and garage sales in search of them. Only other pattern collectors would understand, but if you are one, I have a new source. One of my Facebooks friends runs an online sewing pattern store and patterns will be 20% off through January. Pssst … they have a few really cute vintage patterns. Visit ArtDoodad’s Etsy store here.


Too Cool January 7, 2009

CoolHunter BlogIt’s been around for a bit, but lest anyone forget, CoolHunter is one fab culture blog. As CoolHunter sees it, cool is a state of mind and that gives license to explore everything from music to fashion to design to books and more … so much more … like 20 categories of cool more. CoolHunter does all the traipsing about so you don’t have to, because we all know that it can be hard work to stay cool. Get cool here.


Downright Girly January 6, 2009

ribbonWhen it comes to cornering the market on girly, SupaDesigns has sewn it up tight. I’ve never knew that there could be so many ribbons in so many luscious combinations. As someone who’s spent half her life drooling in front of ribbon walls at fabric stores, but never quite knew what to do with them, well … SupaDesigns to the rescue. See all the ribbons here!


Fashion’s New Frontier January 5, 2009

banner-eyes2I don’t know what’s going on in the southern hemisphere lately, but it’s seems like everything indie fashion is coming from down under. The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes, a style-driven site-that-started-as-a-blog, by 15-year-old New Zealander Imogen is truly fantastic. Very Athena. Check it out.


When Design Went Digital January 4, 2009

raygunI worked with my friend Dana at the University of Missouri when we were both students there—she was an art director and I was an editor. Here’s a really great post by Dana on the beginnings of the digital design era. Read it here and look for more posts from Dana soon.


PR for Indies January 3, 2009

Who knows exactly where the crossover point from indie to mainstream occurs. Certainly indie has become more mainstream in recent years. And here’s proof: A west coast public relations and consulting agency that serves as a launchpad of emerging & indie talents, ModAgency is an idea whose time has come. Since the words PR and indie don’t usually appear in the same tagline, I just had to pass this resource on. For more info, go here.

Or here.


Why Allee Willis is my hero January 2, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be just like Allee. Here’s why:

(FYI, Allee has written  Earth, Wind and Fire’s September song and many other great tunes.)


Don’t Drag Me Into This January 1, 2009

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typewriterHere’s a taste of a great short story by fellow Brooklynite Lila Cecil. Read the rest of it here. Happy New Year!

I look at my lamp. “I’m in love with you,” I tell it.

My lamp who has a beautiful but worn rattan shade says, “Oh, come on, you aren’t in love with me, who’s the guy?”

“There isn’t any guy. You have the most beautiful shade. It stops my heart. I can’t get over it. It makes me swoon.”

“Uh huh. Right.” The lamp frowns. “Who’s the guy?”

I ignore it. “I love the rug on the chair beside you, too. You, rug, have the most beautiful colors. It’s almost unrealistic, your beauty.”

“Don’t drag me into this,” the rug says….