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The Practical Fashionista January 13, 2009

From Catwalk Creative's fab ebay boutiqueThere’s no accounting for taste—especially good taste. Since my friend Louise has opened up her new ebay store, her cool vintage items have just been flying out of the shop. I mean where else could you find My First Scrabble, a silver halter party top, and a ’70s leather disco bag all in one stop?  Louise has exquisite taste—just check out her fall fashion boho chic story, a perennial fave here on Athena. Then head to her ebay boutique to shop your little heart out. It’s like a little bit of heaven for the practical fashionista.


2 Responses to “The Practical Fashionista”

  1. You’re absolutely right about Louise’s taste for fashion – it is exquisite! Her shop is always a pleasure to visit. I’m going to click right over there now to see what’s new! 🙂

  2. purenancy Says:

    Absolutly good dress of UK store.
    I am thinking if anyone are interested with the corset for shaping hourglass figure at

    Believe it or not,really nice.

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