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Don’t Drag Me Into This January 1, 2009

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typewriterHere’s a taste of a great short story by fellow Brooklynite Lila Cecil. Read the rest of it here. Happy New Year!

I look at my lamp. “I’m in love with you,” I tell it.

My lamp who has a beautiful but worn rattan shade says, “Oh, come on, you aren’t in love with me, who’s the guy?”

“There isn’t any guy. You have the most beautiful shade. It stops my heart. I can’t get over it. It makes me swoon.”

“Uh huh. Right.” The lamp frowns. “Who’s the guy?”

I ignore it. “I love the rug on the chair beside you, too. You, rug, have the most beautiful colors. It’s almost unrealistic, your beauty.”

“Don’t drag me into this,” the rug says….