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The Cat’s Pajamas December 29, 2008

sophie_classicpajama_apcshfb1282On my drive back from South Carolina, I noticed a new and somewhat alarming trend. Everyone is wearing their pajamas on the road. No, not sweats, which are still a poor excuse for daytime wear—flat out pajama pants, with pajama tops. The pajama-clad-in-public were at rest areas, roadside Starbucks lines, Cracker Barrel restaurants, showing absolutely no sense of shame that the only appropriate accessories for this outfit are a pillow and teddy bear. I won’t go into my rant on the decimation of the tradition of dressing for travel (for me, road travel is such a humiliating process that I need a good outfit to carry me through with some shred of dignity left). But if you have to wear pajamas in public, may they only be the most roadworthy. While shopping down south in a fine ladies store, I discovered that the very, very best come from Pine Cone Hill, which makes bright pjs out of the softest of cottons. Even though it’s a northeast company, I’ve never seen these fabulous pjs up north. Leave it to those Southern women to offer a perfect solution for an awkward trend. Start shopping now for your next road trip.