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Indie Jewelry: Jonara Blu Maui November 10, 2008

Posted by Marjorie Cunningham, broken china jewelry designer at Marjorie’s Cracked Plate Jewelry.

One of the nicest things about entering the world of jewelry design for me has been meeting so many wonderful artists. Learning from them and being inspired by them has been invaluable to me.  One of the most helpful and inspirational artists I have met is Jamee Jones of Maui, Hawaii, whose jewelry line is known as Jonara Blu Maui. Jamee is a wonderfully talented jewelry artist specializing in beach wedding jewelry. She’s gaining quite a reputation for creating jewelry of exceptional quality and beauty. Here’s one elegant example of her work.


Jamee has two online stores—one at Ruby Lane and one at Etsy. In addition to her lovely beach wedding jewelry, Jamee is known for her “fresh and funky beaded jewelry with an island twist”.   Look at the glorious colors of the beads she uses in this one.
















And of course, being in Maui, she creates jewelry that’s inspired by the ocean, like this fabulous necklace.



Jamee’s busy life includes being a dedicated wife and a mother. She home-schools her son Cameron. And she’s the bookkeeper for the family business. She mentions on her blog that she and her family have been on Maui since 1992, and although they do miss friends and family back on the mainland, they will never leave their beautiful island home.  Who could blame her for that?!

Jamee is also a moderator of the Beadingaholics Yahoo Group where she gives advice and encouragement to other jewelry designers on a daily basis.  I know I’m not the only one who benefits from her help and example.


7 Responses to “Indie Jewelry: Jonara Blu Maui”

  1. jamee Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful write up…you say such sweet things!

    Aloha and Mahalo!

  2. ChezChani Says:

    No you are not the only one to benefit from her support and inspiration. Thank you Marjorie and Jamee!

  3. jamee Says:

    Aww thanks Elayne…I feel like I’m not doing much to help out these days, no time to mod the old beading group w/ all thats been going on..but I’m so greatful that you guys have kept contact w/’s that connection that helps me to keep going in hopes that I can come back full time some day again!

  4. I think her work is beautiful. Oh, I wish I lived in Hawaii.

  5. muddystuff Says:

    Jamee, you deserve every kind word anyone has to say about you, because not only do you do beautiful (not to say Gorgeous!) work with your jewelry, you’re also a caring, supportive, and simply wonderful person-parent-friend (fill in the appropriate noun here…)! I’ve learned so much from you and your groups! You’ll be back one day… and everyone will be waiting to greet you with open arms!

  6. muddystuff Says:

    p.s. Good choice and nice write-up, Marjorie!

  7. Stefani Says:

    What a lovely article!

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