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Good Luck, Barack! November 4, 2008

Ever since I saw Barack Obama’s powerful and magnetic speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, I said to myself, “That man needs to be President.” He inspired me to hope for the first time in a long time that things could be different—that we could live in a better world, where our economy and international reputation weren’t both in the same simultaneous freefall. This campaign has been harrowing at best, and I can’t recall one that’s ever been so ugly in recent years, but the amazing thing is that Barack has not only survived, but thrived, in this pre-election tumult. I can only imagine that he has inspired others in the same way that he has inspired me. I feel like I’ve been with him since that beginning of his breaking onto the national stage 4 years ago, and every step of the way has been perfectly and brilliantly executed. It’s thrilling to see someone my age (just a month apart!), who is so politically talented, have a run at the White House. I just want to say, “Good luck, Barack.”

Visit the official Obama/Biden campaign web site.