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A corset, of course October 29, 2008

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By Louise Sleigh, excerpted from Catwalk Creative blog

My Christmas Treat: Apricot Couture Part I

Mira Corset by Apricot Couture

So, after careful consideration I decided it was time to invest in one of these divine undergarments and who better to purchase from than Apricot Couture?  Wearing a corset is very much in vogue.  Perhaps you’ve already worn a corset, tried one on or maybe you’re lucky enough to own your very own vintage gem?  They’re not just for the likes of Dita Von Teese, although the gorgeous Dita has probably had a lot to do with it’s increased popularity.  Whatever the reason, from red carpet to catwalk show and beyond, corsets are in!

Dita Von Teese

Betsey Johnson: Ready-to-Wear 2009

Betsey Johnson: Ready-to-Wear 2009

Mine is going to be a single layer, over-bust in the style of ‘Mira‘.  It will be made from a luxurious, black brocade fabric with a gorgeous, satin finish.

The Mira corset is versatile and can be worn as part of an outfit, or beneath clothes so you’ll always have a great waist. Not surprising since this corset will also include five metres of steel boning.  It’s very light-weight though and even suitable for wearing in the summer months.

Eleanor has agreed to have some photographs taken whilst she’s in the process of making my corset and you’ll be able to see the finished item on a mannequin. No-one, other than the rightful owner, is allowed to wear an Apricot Couture, made-to-measure creation – unless you are a mannequin of course!

Sheri Corset by Apricot Couture

Corsets from Apricot Couture are totally unique; made from the highest quality, luxurious fabrics.  The Mira corset is £144.00 (GBP) – astounding value for this fabulous made-to-measure service.  My corset will be something I can wear and treasure for years to come.  There’s no denying that it’ll also be pulling my waist in by two to four inches!  Apparently, a corset will eventually mold itself to your natural shape and as shown here, will provide you with the most stunning, hour-glass shape.  Corsets enhance the figure in the best possible way.

I’ll be reporting back with updates so I hope you’ll join me on the journey.  Please subscribe to Catwalk Threads by RSS or email and don’t miss it.  Photos to follow along with a brief outline of the corsetry making process.

View and order a corset from Apricot Couture here.  Please register on the site before making your order and use the contact form if you require assistance with measurements.  I found the whole ordering process very straightforward and Eleanor is on hand if you have any questions.

My divine corset will be a Christmas present from my lovely husband.  At least I’ll be getting something I really want this year (and so will he!)  If you’re looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone special, take a look at Apricot Couture – you won’t be disappointed!

SPECIAL OFFER: Members of ‘Dare to be Glamorous‘, a new social networking site, will receive a discount from all merchandise orders from Apricot Couture until 31 October 2008 It’s free to join. In order to qualify for this special discount, you must be a member of Eleanor’s group, Loving Corsets and your order must be made on or before 31 October 2008 12.00 GMT.  Your reference number should be quoted on your final order along with confirmation you are a registered member of Dare to be Glamorous.  See group for details.