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Bridget Dearborn’s Luminous Art September 14, 2008

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Bridget just happens to be a friend of mine, but if she weren’t I would buy her art anyway. Her watery-landscape paintings evoke a dream state, like another elusive world. She works layer upon layer to create this effect and as she says in her bio: “I am drawn to the way the paint pools in some places and flows in others.” Check out her website: I think you’ll fall in love with her work, too.


5 Responses to “Bridget Dearborn’s Luminous Art”

  1. Cath Sheard Says:

    Wow, thank you for directing me to Bridget’s website. What stunning works. I just wish I could see them irl – I want to see the details, the strokes of the brush, to begin to understand what she has done. I hope Bridget has a long and happy art career.

  2. Sara Woldt Says:

    Hey! I was wondering if I could get Bridget Dearborn’s website?

  3. rebmas03 Says:

    It’s in the story above! And also on the links sidebar. Thanks!

  4. mary guinane Says:

    Hi.. I’m a friend of Bridget and especially her dad and Barb. I have an original “Bridget” in our house but her dad wants it back. So… want to buy one. Does she have a sight with prices? Thanks… Mary Guinane

    • rebmas03 Says:

      Mary: Bridget’s site is in the story above. Click on: Check out her website. You can also find it in the links sidebar.

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