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Make a felt appliqué greeting card in a half-Hour September 7, 2008

By Heather Lewis

This project is super easy and only takes about thirty minutes. You will need the following supplies:



· Two pieces of felt

· Scissors

· Hole punch

· Needle

· Contrasting thread

· Pack of blank greeting cards (any color)

· Glue stick (not shown)

First: You take one piece of felt and cut 2 x 4 ½” rectangular piece

Second: You take your hole punch and punch out 8 circles. Try to make the circles even like this:

Third: You will take the felt that you cut circles in and give the edges and wavy look. You can do this by taking your scissors and cutting in and out. You can also use pinking shears for a cleaner look:

Fourth: Next you will take your second piece of felt and cut a slightly larger piece than the first piece. I basically took my first piece, laid it on top of the second piece and cut around the first piece:

Fifth: You will now take your needle and thread and attach both pieces together. You will want to make the thread appear as if it is connecting the dots.  You felt will end up looking like this:

Sixth: Once the two pieces are sewn together, you will take your remaining thread and do a quick whip stitch around the edges. You appliqué should end up looking like this:

Seventh: You will then take your glue stick and rub the stick on the backside of the felt:

Once you’ve completely saturated the backside of your appliqué, you will then attach the appliqué to the front of the card. Now you have a cute little felt appliqué card:


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