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New fashion fair in Sheffield, U.K. August 27, 2008

"Hullo, can you ring me the Sheffield Fair?"

If you happen to be tooling about Great Britain on the weekend of September 27th, check out the 1st Sheffield Vintage Fair. (And if you have a bunch of vintage goods to sell, you can sign up for a free stall!) The new fashion fair will be held quarterly, beginning in September, promises to be huge and will offer local designers with vintage garments, reworks and eco-clothing, plus cool jewelry and sweets. Entry is £1. Bring plenty of cash–you don’t want to let that bargain you have found slip through your fingers. For more info, email or visit

For a map of Sheffield, click here. (Fair is at the DQ bar on Fitzwilliam Street.)


3 Responses to “New fashion fair in Sheffield, U.K.”

  1. Barry Says:

    How can I book a free stand?

  2. rebmas03 Says:

    Contact the group in the email in the article, or visit the web site for more info. Good luck!

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